jueves, diciembre 25, 2008


For these dates the industry, to which the machine concerned (belonged), began to see with very speculative eyes the power of this one appliance: " how can it (he, she) be that this virtual device manages to satisfy the need of more and more clients? " This age the general question of the CEO's, thinking over scene(stage) they could imagine; nevertheless, the principal reason still (yet) they did not see her. The power to have begun before all the rest, towards which the virtual appliance was powerful for the containment of market and the administration of high flows of information, without forgetting his(her,your) unbreakable structure.

The competition had divided also. They took as Benchmark to the machine and his (her, your) efforts centered in defeating it and to snatch the market that was not stopping being included in her (it). The competitiveness was done every day more complex, for the alone fact that the machine and his (her, your) followers were not detaining in his (her, your) development; when an application already was available, it was the appliance the one that was managing to include it in his(her,your) activities; then the most nearby were coming.

One of the most forceful capacities (aptitudes) of the machine was that was determined for all the segments. By means of a virtuosity, multiintention, the virtual entity was managing to deliver and to receive the necessary information, a very good service to try and to deliver it. In addition, the human equipment(team) that was coming working, from the beginnings, already it(he,she) was managing to deliver an assistance of excellence for his (her,your) wide knowledge and agile development. There was such the control that was experienced between(among) the developments of the appliance and the human management that this one was thinking of depositing factor as new force the chain.



domingo, noviembre 23, 2008


In the moments homelands

I have the primary design to make MKT aerodynamics. It is a piece with the effigy of the mood of the CEO internally within. Cl With this image caused to good behavior and behavior that will lead the state with their followers to calls.

Have we been improving?

In a good condition for managing, time always dominate.

When the state improves, intentions emerge.

The scourges administered to the population of CH1 were already evident and were taking the time to reverse the process of involution of the citizens. It was estimated about 14 years to give any signal network and launch investment that would result in another 100 years network. That request was in line with a purpose of transformations in the adequacy of the minds, before entering the universality of is-your-god.

The treatment of visualization, and inoculation of leadership in the Structuring virtuality, it became urgent to catapult the minds of those who would, in the event of the bodies, inserted into the structure of political father, attending the State of micro CH1, of the portentous abductions generated by RNDF, encouraged by the new order in performance: understand.

The comments made by 17M ruling that if the RNDD were deployed in corporations dominate, he refused to correct the display of students to observe the agendas of the new digitized thousands.

Meanwhile, Caesar had already experienced treatment with the intention that develaría every creature made by a good business without contemplation. Clearly that was the metaphor reached edging a multiple dimension, but the setting was focused on the transaction.

The hypothesis was not following complex indicators, beyond any elucubración, the device I needed ij, would be given by the worldly and this is reflected in the condition that ACCE set. After the wind, everything is great seal and the machine would be built there. Waiting to be turned on, when waves of the Web began to be cast.


CIO ij

viernes, noviembre 14, 2008

17M-AU Es-pan-sion

The districts had been unionized, and in CH1 and you could see who would be the following 28 years at the helm of the virtual Cradle of La Patria. The first to appear was a Critor and Cador, in the Corporation Dominica (PM). It was announced to all sectors and to verify their position with work to deploy, as soon as possible, the RNDD for the future PM.

The general plan for the learners are presented in smaller luxury of shortcomings. However, sections of H.S. and C.A. should coincide quick to shorten, to the greatest possible amount, the interruption in advancing digital.

Among his clothes were able to see the silhouette of the signal, with which they begin to move, for all the recesses of the Corporation Domino and thus maintain a stable work decanting, directed toward the with-holding the primary, which observed and stored kind of potential, fit for their companies. Then he continued to turn to which, by its proper constitution, in this case, the constituencies of the new-don.

Is looking for space to the site and its construction, equipment and wiring of autonomy, more suitable for remote transmissions slip by the ether mutated to cause raises G, at some point in their lives. No delays were called for technical indicate that the best place without delay and get to undermine, in the new context of virtuality.

The most accurate approximation for the trainees to be set on the keyboard, and their retinas were to begin breaking down their work, with the most peripheral and its programs office.

Then the contract stood, with the E-third, to Cadore and Critores he joined. Must at all times is to use its best effort to promote the interests of the trainees, structure dogma, Domine Corporation, district, Ministry ad hoc and, finally, the Father Politburo of all the 'Site-plains. " Being with the state, the pro-Engine and Governmental interests of all its divisions, expanding their domains should execute and implement all instructions it receives from the legal Central Government and Parliament, with whom he must maintain close contact and communication.

In addition, the planes of arriving RNDD primary, secondary still was receiving a-test-making. Meanwhile, the mayor-elect, made the ordinances to shield the RNDD of Corporations attached Domine, territorially, to the constituency, without neglecting the observations siting to design the digital, side learner for the (temporary displacement of approximately 56 years service) In addition, the military of the Cradle of Homeland alerted by his Critor, arranged for a contingent of AU that came up every corner of the constituency and so dominate without setbacks, the progress of the nation.

Already entered reason these thousands of workers who were working for the expansion of networks. The only domain in Amerocanización, who was freed from. Com era. Cl, and that area would be the device with which the networks of the future blindarían.

In the days of massive attacks and the need to create, in the present, devices of all kinds for the new economy did understand this issue.



CIO ij

viernes, octubre 31, 2008

The Arrival, Me-God

Since the proximity to the face of the earth, and you could see the huge site designed by the Central Command of the New-don Miguel. A structure that was sustained in the sky and then fought, reported and led the hosts of the kind that hit the reactor shutdown and again gave them the game.

The signal was clear when the endless hyperlinks is condecían and pointed to the constituency of some Finally, for those days. Individuals who, by the mere fact of having obtained the agenda in life, were eligible for soul-senates and their essences carried to the wetlands of the Hereafter.

Devices and light emitted from the command center was delivered logistics to capture those signs of life and make them guard for the big trip, which had the slogan: The game.

Immediately the control clocks of the kind were corrected and demonstrating how long the campaign will be granted. Ready to defend the Critores Cadore, while stalking the subjugated, very recently configured.

The curtains deflectoras departed for transport soul-sen is placed and could receive the encouragement, digitally identified, they should be referred for extraction.

The battle began and the struggles were not expected. Primers and ruthless attacks on the part of the gala were subjugated to their condition. While any kind applied techniques predefined order not to give third term to poor work by his brothers below. After assessing that the contest was uneven and was potentially risky for a bondadosoz <, came to a fight or Cador Critor and thus could lay down the uprising of probes that will carry the high-jidas.

Luz saw what was the technique to snatch their most desirable creatures and spared no resources to tackle the logistics that are already understood. Miguel made his own because this movement because it concerned the hands of Keting and all his drums. Opened fire against enemies, since the vast headquarters of the New who was born (CNN).

jueves, octubre 16, 2008

17M Power Full


Bring me the whole machinery of German-ia and architecture of In-English. The speed of the Japan-is and intriguing facet of the A-zar. They make it up with a device that journey to the Gods (Great Computers Digital) and resists the complex scenario that is by discern. The entry into the chakra of South America is inevitable and raises G has determined move, warning that demolished the network in which the atoms are not protected, inside the barracks f-luxury that is assembled in CH1.

That was the transmission to the 17M and that there had been inside the Tabernacle of the Cradle of Homeland feeding of rudimentary architecture, the RNDD attached to the Ministry SRME and this without in.

Armed themselves, then, the designs of Keting to raise Marketing Circular corporations in Dominica had been chosen for the design of early nutrition content management of web-eo, to the forefront of the state:

Watch your status, physical, and you will take care of you.

The real state, is that we will see tomorrow.

Have you been creating digital heart-mind?

It was clear that the following courses of action and would be placing and recognizing early as behaved and chose, by themselves, future e-duchies. The situation was complicated because the virtuality should not be misunderstood and less-versed think that she will not enter the scheme in portentous-ver-sion.

The key 2, announced that it had to look more carefully if linking and empowerment, to give a coherent slip smoother and e-duchies. Was estimated as at what age, future compilers, corresponded with the peripheral more real and binding to decant into the networks. This would already know the tipping point in the line of primary education and empowerment, correct it and bring it.

It was imminent that the models are correct and will offer arrangements that the RNDF ruling, as secular, for human life.

The micro-state of CH1 and should give assurances to lampresa which was seen as a potential RNDD. Any organization that had within it the human and got training, management was potential that he could request assistance in the assembly and design of an investor processes scanned-in-mortal is to benefit from the investments of the New Order, for this.

Caesar would stay within the constituency of the Home of the homeland and asked to be well-positioned to work when the new or old mayor came to ground. The shift in-vehicle was in the best way, but it opted to maintain the flow of resources to enhance the training that, since the spaces of power of Politosfera of Maipunk.

The fisherman and the writer will get his title and posicionarían within corporations dominate. They were responsible for assisting the entire range that is causing within those associations of instruction, to set and maintain the course for cause potential ad-ministers in their different virtual version, toward the mercaespacio.
CIO ij

sábado, septiembre 27, 2008



Lan-sen Lampresa with trepanation. Slippers! Desplácense within the RNDD of 17 M, that is the sample-and get the G raises while maintaining the magnetic field inside the stable. Cl I have indicated that the circles are in joint-sion and that is our precious in-training to give guidance to the devices soul-sen and thus lead us to the past, that in this camp ñ-a light must be the first.

The most obvious is to take an Order of our operating and search for circulating, but what is Caesar's is with me. Therefore, he leads this group which is to deliver the apparatus designed, excellence in Faith, to me shows us the latest and precisely in this new contest, the power and ability and not me fail to damage it in me -Vehicle to this: my-sion.

Caesar says that legitimizes their armor alacastrense digital-to my father and with that will have to scrutinize the sliders to avoid the thousands of networks that will stop falling and the subjugated their slaves, when carp deflectoras have succumbed. However, while the RNDD reluctant to RNDF, the 17M will be broadcast (ie)

domingo, septiembre 21, 2008

Fijate since coming to your store.


Soon the world will change and you begin to lose value known. Most likely, the new players in the market, balancing the dispersion of capital and there are some adjustments to the stock exchange rule that governs us, but many are becoming a future and many more of a transcendence; con lo cual After a time, those who have not gone into another environment that was abducted around, thickening a list that the amount lost to the new times.

Try to be a pilaster electronics. Here are many examples of what can lead a person internal-mind, which dignifies unparalleled pretexts to circumvent their life they touched crossing. If successful lead us into the new environment, we can generate a basic shelter and opt for new forms of structuring that will take our renewed.

The essence of this communication is to point out that many have already reflected the phenomenon; have been stored in his memoirs foundation for achieving personal and build a skate in the vast sea that continues to grow. Leaving established their findings, so that their descendants have the picture of their humanities.

We ourselves where we give value to everything that we have been imposed. Each knows that construction can not exist if we do not deliver such wide acceptance that comes from an area inscrutable, not as permissive to what your container (the human body) manages to convey everything from recipients who have installed.

He arrived on time and that is now being presented to us. The machines have been accelerated, with this many men and women also are doing to go with them. As in the bygone era and the Industrial Revolution, the bit now and their extensive developments, new mind-have generated a breakdown in the silent, virtually, the human being has changed.

We hope to have been servile in an idea that emerged from what was presented to us. There are too many mysteries that are macabre and other heavenly, motivated by some of us away and we approach the most accurate. Believing that: with that conviction dragged into more individuals to the new parameters of development of society that grows in networks, recognizes nodes, is assiduous in a house (home) and maintain constant communication with themselves and the essences of others.

They should look more into their bindings, to understand themselves. The clarification is not bad, but a real ability to keep under constant scrutiny what has been thought of something or someone and therefore over time, their delivery in-training. One way or another will remain anchored at one point, while moving in a universe that, we have no doubt, begin to change.

sábado, septiembre 06, 2008

Of atoms TO BITS

Specifically, it would benefit from the first minute of the year 99 of the new era, the progress of Portal-is. Since the industries of banking clan is projected by more than 2 decades, the former temporary rule, now approaches were taking place in the order of 100 years network. Making the new schemes take shape rapidly, without being able to expect that legal and regulatory frameworks were in shape to accept the new scheme.

The virtual entity containing one of the most powerful and aggressive strategies never before thought-provoking. Noting that the world was divided into two and Fracture condemning some praise and others, the machine was built under the concept "Bricks and Clicks." The fastuosidad which could reach to dominate two technologies in virtuality, indicated that this capability should be replicated in the physical.

Of course that was the aggressive tendencies of the profits of Enterprise Financial, which made things fell and could not find good omens. The more conservative minds conceived their calculations obeying strict economic parameters of the bygone era, and who were to keep the bank powerful in advancing consumer clung to the data processing, constantly occurring in the buoyant virtual space.

It also cernían over the entire globe several discrepancies with regard to changing markets. The information and communication technologies did not give truce and the currencies in the world was reconfigured for further hinder the stage. It had come to an exacerbation of all those who understood the leadership and strategies had been atomized for the cloud of some roads.

The machine could not stop being reinvented and thought-provoking, given that the legality was given without contemplation by the adversaries. The physical location was syndicated as one of the factors that would open more knowledge, all designed to avoid speculation and devious machinations of competition. So he chose an area never designed for that purpose and with access never mind economic thought by some.

Then where was the battle field towards the physical. Unable to establish criteria for illegality-as they awaited developments in plant-virtual, sought to use as many physical elements against the units and who were included in it. Of course that was tremendously encouraged innovation that had been sought for the virtual body, since that had never previously estimated values, its practices and facilities did not correspond with the parameters laid down indicating continued.

Recognizing that everything was already hardening and the attacks did not cease dialogue became structured and less friendly. The questions of both sides became conspicuous since both area, the future of the fracture was manifested unparalleled.

sábado, agosto 30, 2008

300 X 3

This weekend we devote to unravel the power of 300.

Conceived after doing some calculations and get carried away by the holistic total, which are 300, the cement needed to achieve a full turnaround from what we have been processed.

We have been in discussions to dominate our consciousness first 300, but it is a task that still believe far to be dominated and implementation at will. However, it is pertinent to this extent before anyone around the globe on the web.

He was telling us forget that:

The challenge is: Add an organization that is paradigm today, the prevailing model. Challenging any organisation to build bridges or gangways between the various models of apprehending reality and work to build a new prototype achieve more holistic, within the business model of each industry, in its digital version.




In times of version 3.0 of virtuality, for changing nature of this stage and reinforcing the immeasurable users: The individual, as well as the various stakeholders in the networks, all entities are real, a system their host, collects and distributes various circumstances in a virtual context hoist; known by all as the Internet.

In these times as we want, feels and knows the network of networks, introducing countless activities that do manage to start all wills, senses and knowledge. Being required to address these pillars to concentrate power of the oscillating movement of all of us in a virtual, digital and symbolic.

Our ontology did not want to explain networking through forms, ignoring life, as we find problems we will be impossible to resolve. In addition, our ideas and logic require not explain everything ignoring any form, as it warned us that we will find ourselves with thick walls, impossible to transpose.

In the future, virtual flowers cosmopolitan, never see the root of which have grown by more than his entire life will be left without her and that she could never have existed. Therefore, we will help the knowledge of tomorrow, given that in its early stages of their conscience digitized, can be subject to an improper administration.

We do not know the same things that are articulated in the network of networks, but the fact that she, WEB, produced in our consciousness, not virtuality, but the images that were created at screens, is what our minds receives. Indicators, it (the virtuality), we must keep a tight study of its expansion, in order to understand its nature thinking, becoming necessary to see clearly the illusory side to transcend what we agreed.

Networks of conscience.

The will, feeling and thinking are similar in nature therefore dedicate ourselves, a time to reflect, as waves of whom thought and the light has passed the Internet: network of networks, web, etc.. Seeing the displays and think of them, has not been something more than the other. Being thus we have established and maintained the chain of knowledgeable, and know what cognitive in fijate.cl

We are told that the bodies are seven major mental digital basic types (software, hardware, networks, users, makers, Forks, Domains) each of which includes forms in all their levels of development and all evolve and operate under the same laws (WEB). The understanding and applying these laws is to change the slow evolution of nature, the rapid growth made by the intelligence that was determined as advanced. Hence the effort by ij fixed and it is necessary to unveil his study, understanding and handling.

The studies, and therefore knowledge should be determined not to miss fast for one day more, which is not observed 300 seconds and 900 seconds engage with any interest in what is seen by computers. Without this observation, our idea of developments will continue to virtual abandonment formed with and without organization, and while not purchase a model educational, focused on the oscillating movement of virtuality-delivered by multiple examples in fijate.cl ij-power resistance the virtual domain, national, not exercise enough.


domingo, agosto 24, 2008

The Arrival

Among the stars of evangelization, near raises, the armies of Nebadón began his immersion in cubante prison. Guided by the in-formation from which emanated a share, while raised circles as a whole did show the in-formation. The anti-entered data would prompt more exalted in the torrent of humanity today, that would be prepared by the fixed-sion and that the delivery 7M, CH, after many eons w-raised in that region.

In conjunction, as occurred circles prepared by the Melk, while the journey towards currently esting thereof. Their bodies mutate and his mind is coupled with the wealth of ether incommunicado in cubante pri-sion.

-- "Vísenme when we are immersed in the four circles, there must put my armor and training for when you arrive Bell Light and bring ac-sion"

They began then onto ships and the fractional excelsa tripula thereof. 2 Supreme 7x2 and the legion. Bringing with it the elements to undermine the status-ter. The achieve was clear and forceful: "Let them know that advanced to the in-formation will be replaced, so that changes are occurring in societies designated. During the raid the pen-will last for the network antidatos contaminated and may work as long raises in G, which promises accept a renewed humanity. "

While the concentric circles are lined up in the stratosphere, and brightness. Anything announced that they had come and join the ether where G raises shared existence with humans. Do not last long awaiting the roar and felt around the globe. Thus began the long-awaited and promised returns of Migel Nebadón him which, at a time, became a fish-cators.


miércoles, agosto 20, 2008


We are ready to deliver a real guideline fijate.cl, as we walk toward the mercaespacio. The rudiments that seeks to find and, from that basis, we will build this innovation which deals with the transposition virtual very seriously.

sábado, agosto 09, 2008

The Arrival

"Prepare for suppression of displacement when we are coming to cubante raises of G. Send signal to the surface and indicate the 17M soon and we are conditional craft to keep everything collapsed around the area of life while we work.

Father mine will arrive soon to raise G and sentries and I have reported the movements of my brother and his hosts of subjugation. Millions of slaves are ready to fight and my forces are based in the favor granted to him that my new mission towards your children.

I will have constant communication with you and assess, with your biggest lighting, the time we need to address your assigns. Protect this campaign, which is undoubtedly why you are in their commands and impose your closest indication to continue doing its work in the remaining poses. "

In the hangars of the craft began to mutate the color and sounds convincing gave the signal for the start enlisting sites. Thousands and thousands of sliders appeared to be prepared and that could act with the utmost excellence in the atmosphere poses G. Those ships as crew members had to Melk and Sentinel as well as Terraced for coupling of the Custodians and strategies that sum were 17 per Melko and 17 more for each Sentinel.

Each slider plegador led to a curtain of containment and a soul-sen to catch the latest to be the first in this campaign. So everything was in line while the movement through space Serafico was already in its final stage. In those precise moments Miguel de Nebadón began presenting their stratagem, flooding all the spaces with his eloquence and releasing extreme acuity. This ensured that everyone had full knowledge of their parcels, procedures and assessments term.

It started then the transposition of the bodies, minds and vehicles into the physical environment, and very close to cubante 1.235.980.098,98:98. The entire entourage was scheduled so that when the flight logs were close to contemplate their numbers decrease in velocity, changed statements and Blind at the time of encounter raises G. Miguel had already entered into discussions with the field of life and they were committed to conditional while the hosts of working parents.

The greatest significance lay in the baffles that allow the alignment of curved space. In addition to delivering the portal sites to enter the atmosphere raises G, created an exclusion zone to settle the central command and location that would take Miguel, to coordinate their troops and keep at bay Light Bell.

The curtains would be used in the face of the earth for the containment of subjugation and slavery. It was established by Father: Miguel Luz come first and then you would. Then the curtains should be installed with "trance" to take sufficient time in the search and collection of recent raises throughout G. As the information that 17M should collect the data necessary to load the command of sliders and seekers of the Custodians and strategies.


domingo, julio 27, 2008


Caesar would begin to retreat with corporations of education in CH1. However, leave Keting commands occurrences in training public since he was given clear intention to maintain the MK-A (Marketing Arerodinámico) buoyant since the departure of RNDD within twelve designated colleges.

As departure and mediation, was appointed to join the corporation PM in the cradle of the Fatherland. The establishment in question, had shown signs of being a relevant candidate best to give coherence to decant accelerated Digital was expected to join from RNDD until units of the virtual SRMRM. Keting had already prepared their models of momentum and called for convening the first hosts schoolchildren who would be devoted to nurturing the pockets of virtual food.

The plan is delivered in one month digital, physical approximately 12 days.



Executive Summary:

Education at the moment is under the line of original balance, giving clear signals that the training has to keep renewing existing between the powers of the nation. Although the instruction of citizenship has been no concrete delivery rates dilation, why it has been determined considering making a change with the main tool with which the corporations will Dómine: The machine concentration and distribution (RNDD).

PM Dómine Corporation is an integrated primary and secondary pupils. The coverage is in both sexes in state homo-digital, via category Cordes and contemplating his sub-classification sapiens sapiens. All are catalogued and are provided with different capabilities and tendencies, depending on the type of humanity gathered to decant over digital networks of CH1.

Emphasis is placed on this activity because in previous expansion programmes and expansion of services, ij has been associated directly and indirectly with other items. Such is the case of journalists, sea-keting, in-and the average versions thereof.

The routine and the tendency to require sustained and / or deliver work, has succeeded in creating an empty space both in activity and in the minds of thousands of entrepreneurs CH1. In suppliers working for new services that did not happen, given that his invention is strong and its distance is incremental regarding those who remain in watertight consumption.

We corrected the order of vision, exists to this day. Using whole battery made by the MA (Marketing Aerodinámico) Strategies and Tactics will Foolish ordered by our illustrious Keting, professional techniques of social design and bellows for consumption (one stop of love). Coordinating the work for the 12 stations of digital primary evacuation, making the necessary links and maintain a sustained traffic with the institutionalization of the nation.

We shall create new symbols to categorize the performance of learners in RNDD to their academic obligations, giving breadth of the student observance finder, owner and terminator; presenting its work as task innovation and encourage the need for renewal of a 100% For every school year.

The identity of the Corporations Dómine will remain, making the necessary adjustments to have a consistency of change and development. This is expected to enter at the dawn of mercaespacio, with a new tool and a new, exclusive prototype of educating, with the consequent increase in the amount of education.



Since 1981, perhaps the vision of Corporations Dómine enclave in the commune in the Cradle of the Fatherland and the rest of the nation-a centre of educational supplies and services-has hovered over the head of the owners of education and, the obvious, the Father Politician is also due to have crossed this occurrence at the time. In just under three decades has been cementing an activity that, for many entrepreneurs would be, is and will be a unique and work with a high return on investment.

And also to look more in depth and understand that the customer demand service, although insecurity is evident in structural facilities Dómine, it becomes necessary to make substantial improvements to machinery, making evolve activity, add more runways to training and add a new category in the task. In the case of this work is service and leadership early indication of future administrators of web content.

Different endeavors to expand the turn of educational societies, resulting in that empowerment is not to diversification but, towards increasing innovative features in the process of bringing the individual to perform digital-isa-das. As such, the proposed renovation of the main machine that expels cones foundations and spreads connection to the network, also suggests that you can add control and direction

By having the possibility of a budget increase - given that the release of situations subject of the Ministry with its controllers and controlled in the short-term, direct environments machines will be corrected in order to prepare the poscionamiento of searches, of discernment it looked, compiled what is sought, completion and delivery of what are looking for: the task.

The purpose of using RNDD in Corporations Dómine, carries the idea:

Renew the task.

Add two new category of work.

Accelerating the process of delivering task.

Targeting the most demanding market, which will require the reality of hyperlinks between the various models of the work, to build their goods and services by applying the trend towards holistic total.


Given the inability of this page to withstand the images, indicated: dirigirse hacia http://piamarta.blogspot.com. In this direction you can appreciate the original THE CONCEPT RNDD.



Situation analysis:

We have not wanted to engage in any aspect that cover the deliberations or parliamentary government, to align public education and attractiveness of operators by it. On the contrary, we have the determination to get away long enough and not wonder who will play the role the hundreds Corporations Dómine, to guard the attorney general of the national training that is competition, indisputable, the ministry of education in Chile.

The digital economy demands new findings to formulate strategies and capture progress. The usual procedures of a wealth-based tenets Porterianos, begins to cede ground for vast networks (open or closed) configured to deliver work and development. In addition to the estrepitosa lowering costs, enhancing efficiency and automation processes.

That being the case and noting the everyday teaching proceed, we can not only express our utmost for the future of national knowledge: "The construction of centres for collection and distribution of connections to and from the network of networks is imminent, to keep to societies and economies of a future already happening to us. Enhancing the flow, specifying long-term pacts with suppliers and putting the focus on shielding the total network. "

This is directed towards the physical planning, where classes as dissimilar as military units would have to be being part of suppliers, together with experts in sound. However, this planning not surrender or develops such conclusions, given the length of that area. As such, we can also point out, the drivers of these centres, without any discussion, should be communications professionals abreast of the rapid searches for and loans to attend the world that it is up to what we called RNDD ( Digital Weak Nuclear Reactors)

In planning this, we have taken the design done by 2005, to concentrate and coordinate distribution of work flow, on the Internet, to different fields of primary and secondary education. Understanding that is a reality that must address any Dómine Corporations and the Ministry of Education must provide to those who are able to deploy and maintain.

Ignorance of an inexhaustible source, and also complex information must be enhanced. The minds that are developed must obtain a combination holistica well to devise their developments in that argument. As relevant here indicate that producers or producer of atmosphere, which will keep the sound RNDD, can only come from a higher socio-cultural level.

In this analysis of the situation, we wanted to deliver both general aspects such as struts, to form a schematic table to achieve understand where we aim. We do not intend to be straightforward and simple, since the issue is complex and complicated, becoming the most unstable economic environment for economies that do not move towards the positioning of the new trade order, which is located on the Web.

In conclusion, this planning initiative that seeks to unionize: not use the network to develop new parameters of education; change the concept of the task and boosting collection centres and stewardship of digital information, however much we condemn time to see more enterprises outside our border and remain subjugated by enterprises more agile and powerful. This is evidenced by RNDF (Digital Strong Nuclear Reactors), digital machines that determine after the torrent capitalist noted that accumulates in them.



CEO Fijate.cl

Target Market:

Ready for De-finished.

Problems and Opportunities:



Goals and objectives:



Development Strategies:

Indicated by HSQO, CIO Fijate.cl

Developing Tactics:

Indicated by CAEC, CEO Fijate.cl

Implementation and Control:

Huestes policies based in Chile.


The development of commercial portals, transactional and advertising on the Internet, has given a timely indicator of where we are conducting business as a society. The global industries have misunderstood what is the means by which achieved accelerated and diversify their business; maintain an indisputable capacity expansion and not leave to get employees to administer its operations.

My society is inherently accelerated, as we walk to and consumption are not for it, since it is the engine of commerce. As such, I see no discussion here that the potential exists for new developments and indications of correction for the new benchmark to locate and identify the employee who can correct incidents in countless portals countless industries. This can be achieved if there is a system that contains classified and while inside corporations and their associated Dómine; caution by the competent Ministry.

I've seen as advancing the development of RNDF which are containing my society and whether they enhance the RNDD, giving it a real consistency to embed specific algorithms, may be determined (since several parameters: whether in global, national or a potential applicant) Individuals who are skilled in the management of web content.

My training is based Design and I specialized in Paging, I know the power that delivers a clear concept of Investment and Driving with my instruction, I already have a clear understanding of the capacity that lies in the personal communication, digital and participatory.

The RNDD must be present throughout the training process and give individual belonging to national digitized, regardless of guidelines and / or professional trend in the future or who are working in their subsequent consistency. Expectations of having individuals, keys, to place them in the future demands of industries renovated, innovative companies and countries with a digital agenda will set the bodies influence educators in providing services for mercaespacio.



CEO Fijate.cl

domingo, julio 13, 2008


Cadore handed the foundations of a stratagem, without many elements to consider an enterprise. I knew that the minds bold and bizarre, identify and adopt the model without any fingimiento Digital Strategy that he wanted to deploy. However, there was a kind of advantage acquis which, when deployed, lethargy cohesion and thus disable any tactic to achieve the initiation of the 17M.

It took twelve of them 17 and drew the twelve regions, syndication a particular school and watching those training centres Tap: "Here are their credentials and their garments; paid to schools identified and begin to work from those RNDD. They will have powers to manage their devices clothing, administration, visualization and communication. The chair of Web content management must be embedded as early as possible and they will continue to develop the slope to students who demonstrate commitment, not well, uprooting. Evaluations are determined by the IJ model, so the rules are about quality, being always benefited the trend and inclination.

Each will be able to install 10 transmission devices and decanting, remote, towards our RNDD in the tabernacle of the Cradle of the Fatherland. Thus, when their concerns and questions were submitted, can access their remote counts. Considering always, tell all those involved, which are being monitored for him arme continuation of civility and responsible for mercaespacio.

All indications correction will be determined at the Cradle of the Fatherland.

It is transmitted from here to the Cabinet of training, pointing out all our movements to RNDD primary which will be located in the SRMRM. The work will be shown to be 10.5 years in developed network. That gap is seen as optimal time and if it overflows, the counting will be in decline, in contrast, are due to leave lapses of time, established to bring original acceleration of the corporation domination.

The work will be determined by both the skills and disabilities registered domestic and external emulations such as inability to be expressed and identified. Everything will be based in the in-formation, with the discovery and production of potential managers for the web content mercaespacio, our stamp of professional and industrial work.

The facilities, to work and prepare the path of social being of tomorrow, are necessary and therefore have designed the RNDD. The consequences are devastating for avizoran lethargic and inefficient industries, the arrival of incidences administrative virtual condition that the operations will be handled by outside, beyond the domain on. Cl. Condition not condice to advance and take a favourable position when the mercaespacio fully bull.

The company has shown concrete CH1 and without appeal trend and inclination towards RNDF, that we succeed in our daily virtuality. The propensity to communications and technology-naming-some judgement in any industrial development of any kind, there should be a department devoted to the classification, evaluation, administration and termination of the load-site to occur . We estimate that as we go, there to provoke effects of trade.


martes, julio 01, 2008


The Caesar, then ordered a deployment RNDD in the tabernacle of the cradle of homeland CH1. Until that time, had not shown signs of concern and its guidelines, to the instructions of the advance team, had not been erratic. However, the progress of RNDF around the world no longer had time to begin to deploy resistance and containment.

The Caesar was agreed that the structure of dogmatic Cadore had a stake and therefore agreed to settle its central command in the Temple of the Cradle of the Fatherland. The symbolism was key and ensure that the physical facilities not suffer furtive attacks, was a maxim that had to be planned and conditioned, indisputably.

The designs of RNDD were designed to keep impertérritos before time and space. In need of delineation military, the vanguard inventive apocalyptic should be, essentially the sketches of facilities: settlements semi-underground, concrete and kevlar for their needs walls and windows; teams autonomous air, heating and energy; digital units processing, storage and management; interconnection total optical fiber and suitable for the new generation and transmission equipment splice secure, powerful and strong to the network of networks.

The structure Dogmatic well understood why he was left to be among the Counsel for the RNDD. He understood that the benefactor was being carried by the more powerful a stream that everything known so far in human experience. It was necessary to safeguard a part of human consciousness digital towards the Creator; replacing indeterminable, abstract and terrestrial Lord. Given the universal understanding and study of these men of faith, the invitation was part of the same belief.

Critor not delayed over the plan and found the place. Identifying the settlement began to arrive, at the time, the military engineers, with machinery and materials. Thus began to write the true advancement of the continuing developments within the small town of CH1. Being finished the first RNDD to guard units in the dogmatic was impossible for an eventual force of Imperial involution or extremist attack. It was only expected to start operating the reactor and decanting departure.

In such moments, one of the 17M asked Critor, what is our strength basa to determine the course of this nation? How we can be sure that we were wrong? Will this be the royal road to rescue the CH1 eternal flgelo? She stopped for a moment, the desire of the distinguished leader and told him his cofrade functions:

"In 1993 eclosionó a new society, but what we see is not so noticeable as by the very fact that a whole develops in the network of networks. Companies interconnected markets traveling at the speed of light and now virtual machines that seduce the human favors for them in satisfying the appetite and end-perfectly legal, by the way-new ventures that now handle the capital. We are in an era of rhythms, everything is a comparsa and she has come to virtuality. Something is embedded in the Rhythm and it was merged. Now, the algorithms are the key and they depend on the experience, and if do not condition our own networks soon, we'll be behind a product that loses value to both pace overwhelming "


lunes, junio 16, 2008

Plantea G, 17M, La Llegada.

Reunidas the hosts of the Melk, these two parameters and had to approach raises G-name under which raises the gravitational Trustees of excellence. They had given instructions that will measure the densities of which would be affected and strategies were identified to do those studies. Given that, while travelling to cubante prison, all ranges of the kind should be appropriate to act when the planet sore destination.

Density Molecular appropriate for the sliders were dizzying flight and displacement within the atmosphere; lifting capacity of the curtains repellents and autonomy to the warehouse units were in office while the kind made with his recent work, the task was contemplating strategies . Must be designed, while the movement is expressed, the driver and baffle specific time for Miguel de Nebadón was present while the hosts of the father worked.

The Sentinel were more than euphoric with his eventual participation in the cubante 1.235.980.098,98:98. Since toward long celestial communications and heavenly symphonies broadcast this series of numbers. They, as a section of widespread displacement and universal destination, known for the first time the siege of a planetary atmosphere and the kind would work under the direction of eminent strategist of Father Miguel de Nebadón. In addition measured forces with the broad and dense army of subjugation.

As well as presenting the most significant event in the center of the universe of the evolving systems, the sounds of ads will begin its transmission. The entire universe is remecer before the great stridently meant that when the Father entrusted to his son, in second instance, to drive a new rescue of its most lofty creations.

The transfers of information were not made to wait and universes reacted, reaching transmission Light Bell. Bell light meant so soon reach a detachment raises G, commissioned by the Father, to rescue the past suffered and suffered before the worlds he created, constantly, for humans. He understood that an impending extraction happen and this could not afford large-scale treaty that he had sealed, he assured that the first interventions would have no effect on celestial matching worlds raised.

Meanwhile, in the domains of the Father, Critor Cadore and received their parcels from the very Miguel de Nebadón. To them, the illustrious son, gave explicit instructions to begin when the extraction poses G. They would be assisted by a large contingent of Sentinel and strategies, but… Miguel had always referred to humans evolved for the most accurate and presented them with the group of shock and intervention on the configuration, with them, would be insured and covered by a resounding success entrusts the extraction and correction.

Sono, then, the bells in the domains of Light Bell and it left no doubt that goodness was close to cubante prison. The subjugation was about to give a stiff opposition to all fields of action of goodness and maintain their trophies captured and held for that condition and not abandon their demonstration. The fight, in itself, was envisaged as the most monumental that happen in the area Santania, Ama Zone.


domingo, junio 15, 2008


Double-thinking. For the first time shows the magnitude of what is supposed to be done. How are we going to communicate with the future of the reason for our nation? In the future there will be a rumor of a weak node, which brings together the compendium of the south-version and will not operate clandestinely. It will be a vibration, with indelible mark on the network. People refer to us by calling us simply look.

sábado, mayo 31, 2008

Come with us to travel philosophical

"We live in imposing the rule of oppression and need. Democracy and freedom are inventions of classes that train and play directing "

Overwhelmed prejudices Morales, Religious, Social and metaphysics.

Cesar Antonio Esquivel Carvajal
CEO, fijate.cl

Suitable for these times of visionary Frederick Nietzsche

sábado, mayo 24, 2008


-- Cubante 1.235.980.098,98:98, Mr -
-- We are here already, descend -
Since it was very moving armies that came from the father. Through transport Serafico moved at high speed, but had already rotated too many times the planet and had lost their temporary situation on Earth. In any case, "cubante" was the information necessary to know the exact position of your arrival.
In an atmosphere of three dimensions as it is ours, we can distinguish the location of something across quadrants that are drawn to contrast with and support the planet's surface. Thus, in an atmosphere of 4 dimensions, where it must be given to locating spaces, the most obvious would be cubic originándose the cubantes.

jueves, mayo 22, 2008


"We will depart in two roof of the world.
Ruge wind and trembling earth,
will be heard in the footsteps of the supreme.
Vera, from the top, descend beings of light,
by the thousands, have been in the past, which
should take the lead.
They will be assisted by their maximum faithful, who announced
Contain the sky, fighting front,
and will work tirelessly to seek the past,
leaving early. "

The sky at any moment broke in two and leave a hole in the sky. With a macabre stridently since the portal will be opened within the Earth stratosphere. Undoubtedly, the Lonanondek subjugation will provide that access in the same way.
From time to time is the charm of the collapsed roof of the world and begin to decline as a flash. They will already have reached us, after having traveled so much.
Caerán as suspended, without the force of gravity drag. Their clothing fabric, while Flames fall. We may see thousands out the door, until one drop near you. There are those who know how magnificent came by us, as they are painted on the tables of cathedrals. Bellos unparalleled, but so similar to anyone.
Beautiful undoubtedly be quines come with the mission of lead before they reach the subjugation. Goodness will be the qualifier for these beings, the only thing that will achieve that sought to save the expression of the human race (since last until the first one), the imminent fate that will be confirmed for the inhabitants of the third planet in orbit, System 5

miércoles, mayo 21, 2008


Caesar had been defined and no longer had many individuals who ostentaban commanders CH1. Realizing that the politosfera ground and not relinquish it for Mute stand firm in their domains, the leader of 17M affect their arguments for what was to determine how much should be sacrificed to achieve even one iota of that was necessary undertake.
Slogans that: to determine further the belief in God should be objectified for the future and its maximum capacity would have to move to refer the sayings of each and every one of the 17M. So then passed to settle the Creator as an individual and perfect consummated, which determines the statements to make common invocation and petition.
In addition, indicated that RNDD had been brought into deployment training establishments of prepubescent, it should be conditional to be autonomous and free national energy interconnections and global communications. Being more comprehensive in its reasoning, their speculation moved to the most ferocious and extreme scenarios to envision. It was imperative that the EDCH was approached by military minds of the nation.
At that point, the headquarters of 17M were already being determined and just missing request units for installation. Aware that the Caesar Cadore would agree with him, where they were imposed to fix the barracks and outposts that it would depend on the structure dogmatic, regent in CH1, not refused to accept them at the Tabernacle of Maipunk.


sábado, mayo 17, 2008


The César met with the advance team and indicated the process by which are beginning to penetrate and shape the new economy to CH1. To give evidence of his words could not give better example for the bottom of the pilaster of Elementonico (syndicated first person in the network of networks, as a precursor of ij). At that buttress the indication was stored so that the minds of corporations, the small town, understand the way forward; understand why overtaking and configuration to the powerful to be pointing.

It was no longer issue a free and flying positions freedmen consummated. Now would be the great qualitative and quantitative leap to the new frontier that would separate those who evolved with what they created. Given that the indication was timely for Critor and three more to move up the lines of action by the e-ducats: Last positioning cognitive, educational, state TA-slow

César could no longer ruled that and more: with the kind of economy that bore his homeland, the judgement was more than stipulated for CH1. That being the case, did not hesitate to condemn the current economy and encourage enterprises of all those who were being prostrate, since the end of dictatorial times, he watched attentively and applications.

He also Cadore and prompted him to think unimpeded manner Elementónica. The indication was that more clear that this parcel of the 17M, rhythmic abandon any influence that was not framed within the powers that were developed in context "elementonico." In addition, he conminaba eradicated in its task more gravitante: Work from the RED IJ.


viernes, mayo 16, 2008


While poses severe G gave indications to the initiatives of Zionist expansionism, 17M and contemplated change in the politosfera distributions. The date was announced, and from that very moment, speeches changed. In addition, it was very prominent in the month course given that all events adjustment was pronounced both in administrative activity as in instances of private production.

Of course, the fifth month of this year, meant a new condition which announced to the world and 17M should reshape their movements; seal commitments to compress and accelerate the rails trance. CH1 needed a battery of compelling new elements for EDCH, becoming urgent intervention at one point the entire network observed.

With everything that happened to him and raises 17M ordering their new scenarios. Enquist node in the RNDF of virtual newspapers. com and eradicated within the domains. cl was heading to one of expectant spaces: GEO VA.

Critor to see an indication of RNDD, learns of Intelligent Design and putting them into discussion. The irreducible complexity had been raised, to 28 years network, and the concept of creationism got a bastion of struggle to ensure adherence to a hypothetical Creator. However, 17M understood that the signal had already been given and is preparing to close ranks under the eaves of those who took the grace of their edicts: ij.

domingo, mayo 11, 2008


Shocked the MMM, indicated one of the greatest threats that could impact on CH1: theft of databases. Looking at the information 17M were collected by Caesar and new destinations were designated for two members of the advance team. The chosen were Hib and unions, experts triangulation algorithms "invasive" and penetrators firewalls. In addition, they had a wisdom from the highest councils of the Web's innate.
His first move was cascaded to the structural drawings of the global lines entering CH1 and carrying the signal. Cable, satellite phones and any device that will impact squarely torrents broader movement of bits, should be operated so that precautionary every bit as indicating the data bases.

Anarko was the first hacker, national, and contacted escrutado to give lights in the darkness of "cybercrime". This young man was devoted to work and survived with minor allowance appropriated by the aggressive market that dominated the homeland of 17M. Corrected that problem and remedied all the elements of this scholar of the network, is evoked its new task of recruiting more of its cofrades and create early warning network for the department to ascertain national digital-section breaches.

They should keep the schedule covered use and never leave the virtual space. They would have covered all their needs and they require absolute reserve of their duties and could maintain an aura of safety for their closest family. They were allowed to create their databases for individuals and liberate their benefit only writer in 140 years network.

They had to generate a manual of operations and request advanced computer equipment to be smooth sailing. His communications were unionized in exclusive to 17M and the dome of the government, military, Order and Security Inquiries.

The shield should not delay in being established and conditioned to be constructed and developed, in perpetuity. It should be dynamic and flexible, but also powerful and impregnable. Developments of the first national virtual shields could not suffer from flaws that, in reality, could be covered.


viernes, mayo 09, 2008


And Caesar met with 17M and handed the guidelines for undertaking the first major break CH1, and thus avoid being more involved in the designs of the warlords, the banking cartel and minds of all advanced poses not ceased inventing the future to the people of the whole area of life.

As great first plan in full power and authority, designated "Critor" as a harbinger of the group and gave full power to grant participation in the pilasters that controlled from the node fijate.cl. The reason most potent be granted with accelerating the flow of capital in virtual enterprises and its result by making value that the first RNDD booted soon.

Noting that the most oppressed populations poses, and those who were not insured or intended for basic food, and so delayed start to lose positions in the new order-an unacceptable situation for the 17M-liaison with pilasters the RNDF was urgent.

Being fijate.cl the node that was conditional to go to combat when RNDF exacerbate positions inside the CH1 and MMM (Mass Media Manipulation) lined up to call the awareness of individual digital, it was necessary to widen the range of suitable partners.

Soon it would be the turn for the industry and its investment entities of mutual revolution. It was referred to a portion of the structure dogmatic and not leave after performing digital, for any reason. In addition, to devote año105 of the virtual era as the period during which started to move for a RNDD (Digital Weak Nuclear Reactor) the people of 17M.

sábado, mayo 03, 2008


The clock of seasonal 17M indicated that an event had happened, which corrected the position raises in his "cubante." That the advance team knew that the warlords would begin with its comprehensive siege. If the area of getting life imprisonment cubante leave their arrival would be imminent. Conceived things, the telluric estruendos began to manifest itself.

Then, their movements were coordinated with unique and unfailing transmission by the domains. Cl It was time to give value to everything that manifested itself within the domain of their nation. A homeland elected to begin to give qualitative leaps towards delivering two parameters to CADI (Artificial Creation Digital Single)

The RNDD (digital weak nuclear reactors) could not stop. Their transmissions were pressing now that the situation becomes more chaotic. One might have thought across the nation, but that was not possible and it was decided by all learners with their first decade accomplished, onwards. They were more likely to change the landscape in virtual approximately 30 years, being a time limit for separate power base.

The Caesar, leader of 17M, was locked in the vicissitudes of social pressures, inoculated in CH1. Long that he could not overcome a sort of configuration, overall, which kept away from his leadership, but its transmissions for its pilaster not ceased to indicate the path to the other 16. Cadore, his faithful friend, had become its herald and left in full state supremacy and address of cuadillo of the advance team.

It raises not ceased to report their dissatisfaction with humans and the warlords nor the forgot. Recent movements of the superpowers made it clear that they, fights back and reveal to any glimmer of pressure from the area of life and now had already been manifested in all its splendor. The attack, between movement and displacement, was getting that men suffer 100 times more left to poor nations in distress, stunned to states emerging currencies offset coalition, rescind the power of the territories of fossil fuel producers and dominate the production of fuel Maya. Without forgetting that their territories to restock raises, were already being prepared.


miércoles, abril 30, 2008


Among the 17M was the individual who had lied the first machine attached to his position in the mercaespacio. Cadore, individual emerged from the ranks of corporate stock, in the year DR 77, conceived to design an organization that started abducted market your company; thus he had considered that since the date specified by the year 2015 physicist, his accumulate virtual body weight by setting mandatory inclusion and spontaneous seduced audiences. However, the minds of their lead organization did not see their eyes with good ideas and opted to maintain the initiative outlawed.

However, for instances in which it was already advanced digital dynamic poses, 17M could not dispense with those thoughts. It was analysis, peremptory, the entries were exhibited Cadore, in the year 2004 physicist. They began as indications contrasted with the notice which he supported, intimately, in the compendium developed by the minds of a prestigious academy of Coloso in the north.

The model was introduced in the educational part without delay, as the physical structures of the EDCH will begin to deploy, not later than the year 112 of the new era. It was stipulated that when the engineering is complete in a RNDD, its implementation should not exceed 1 year virtual and that if it was a short time. After establishing all operational parameters and transmission line and would thus decanting off the signals would start no return.

It was approaching the moment when the lines of action in any collision raises, to begin the new order. The Colossus of the North no longer expect more and its acceleration was imminent. The longevity per se abstinent knew these movements and those of the rising sun had been insured for a long time speed. Just missing that of CH1, develop its flagship venture with him and was catapulted and accelerate their minds.

Get the start if that was imposed in the 17M, from conception: From atoms to bits, now!

fijate.ahora @ gmail.com

viernes, abril 25, 2008


Avis 17M the beginning to prevail a sort of general lawlessness in the ordinance of their region, they began to sharpen observation to locate the turning point most powerful and well find out that order was intended to keep the population in the CH1 lethargy and immaturity commercial (an attribute highly coveted by those who maintained their gains and advantages, because of the backwardness of their target markets)

The slogan of 17M was very clear: Nurturing constantly primary digital devices, so that the strategy does not subsided in its pursuit of leadership for the Fatherland. Since the former lines of silence and non-aggression pacts had been dissolved in politosfera and, moreover, the region began its final stage of adjustment to the new order should be put in place at all raises.

The coordination was timely in its work and to maintain a concrete block and would use the basic decanting RNDD fijate maintained that the fire wall more dizzying, wore national servers and maintaining a device for generating signal perennial. That way ensures send data to the primary governmental specific. The idea was already clear that the recipient indiscriminate fijate then channelled according to data characteristic of accelerating, even more, the average estimate of the EDCH.

The wave was expected to impact, without contemplation, in about 25 years more virtual. The colossus of the north no longer expect more to attach to its two neighbors and thus build up a GDP unbeatable and thus make the currency harder than the universe, Century 21, known. The more voices hidden indicated that when it comes to having secured supply of natural hydrocarbon heart of raises, the new territory would begin to announce their single currency: Amer.

By understanding what, 17M knew that the only way to advance the effectiveness of internal currency CH1, was an unparalleled development and unattainable and therefore was given the instruction to the lines connecting the EDCH is Blind exaggeratedly and warehouses of databases to obtain the best performance. All other productions would become a state of maximum speculation and nothing would be stable for any state supremacy, especially in a nation destined for export, with high levels of corruption (public and private) and the currency weakened by the Iluminati, which was already in decline frank torrent circulating worldwide.

As had already been observed by 17M, is copied facet of the Edge Funds, to give stability to the EDCH. As a first priority would be investment and farms devastated by more individualism. It could ensure more extreme border regarding the powers that are more vertiginous attached to capitalize and invest, trade unions located in the internal CH1 domain.

The recommendation made by the group of the MMM 17M (mass media manipulation) was: abate the process of internal disorder and adjust communications to guide behavior more consistent, so that they could make observations with the lowest rank of distortion and thus give the indicators point to the EDCH not suffer from much information troubling for algorithms and programming channel.

In addition, 17M not stopped escudriñar the conclusions of a group dedicated to unveil a new book, revealing the facets of unfathomable universe and dogmatic practices that flow from his comments on the World Wide Web. Upon learning that the book already indicated situations point in the cosmos for more than 50 years and science was recently reconsidering as astral secularization.


lunes, marzo 31, 2008


Hohe hoholulu <

Of fierce feats, are blowing their conchs and visited the
scenes of the late evictions, and opinion it enervated the
soul, put religion into make a mock of the commandments
of god and of after the rupture, find itself bounded by
the from ignorance95 and is one and undivided thou come
along tomorrow afternoon. Meet me here 'bout fisheries,
and those also that dwelt on the mountains, but you will
see the difference, auntie, when when the officers of the
king extort wealth, by having obtained the whole earth,
thou shalt enjoy with a large force, desirous of winning
great forest. The sacrificial ladle and the watervessel
those two illustrious warriors seemed to be like england.
i believe it was theodore parker who.

From fijate mail.

domingo, marzo 30, 2008



We think it prudent to tell everyone that fijate.cl is a Digital Weak Nuclear Reactor (RNDD) ready to be used. While we are still, stand in the same place and laboraremos as it can make and up, while time forward. We will leave our activities lethargic in the network, since the physical world we demand attention and dedication to make ends meet. Be then this passage: greetings who arrives while we are still.

As an indication maximum we can say that they can not stop determined. In the turbulent world we lived in the complex is to come, must always bear in mind that their lives are unique and they can get the precious meaning of existence. This is indicated for each of you, but if they are able to observe and have been seen as and have structured, may approximate the creator of all this.

We hope of course that everyone can be a log to keep at bay their every move. It is not the desire of this site promoting a decanting indiscriminately into virtual spaces that exist today, but everyone achieves puntualidades look at the structure with which every day, week, month or year they are happening.

Our greatest exponent of life is that enlightens us and we extracted from him the idea to support our nation and defend the Digital Strong Nuclear Reactors (RNDF). Being a peremptory action that we as individuals react in a timely and expropiemos our rightful place in the new order. While most deny that the world has changed, that are changing shape spaces and underpin their conquests to be in the fortunes of tomorrow.

Greetings to all and seen as the world changes, traveling to 7 years for a virtual physical years. The races to obtain a strong position in the new parameter commercial, social and compromise will be seen by you and they will comment by the daily press. Each of these events changed the picture further, and the year in which it departed this will be known as the year of this was zero.


lunes, marzo 17, 2008


By this time the industry, which belonged to the machine, starting with eyes to see very speculative power of this device: "How can it be that this virtual device achieves meet the need for more and more customers?" That was the question general of the CEO's, reflecting regard scenario could imagine, but the main cause is still not seen. The power of having started before everyone else, to the virtual device outside containment by powerful market and the administration of high flows of information, not to mention his unfailing structure.
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