viernes, marzo 13, 2009


The small people(village) knew that it(he,she) would begin the siege and it(he,she) prepared the reactors before they were removed from the aspect of It(He,She) Raises G. They had exact knowledge of what one was meaning to find to the way of Sion's destination(destiny). It already was perceived near the surrounding areas of the last accession of the great Nation.

The Caesar already had clarified the way for the great condition and was a time to contemplate the emplacement of the new order for the small people(village), which was authorized to be a white(target) of "sionetica", great alternative that to the probe of ij (khan - was promoting alone in the great vacuity of the great tide that was coming closer without contemplation.

In the principal accession of the masters of the War already they were perfecting(tuning) the questions of the new warlike order and were fixed well as the departments if in began his(her,your) eruption. The overflow of machinery prepared for the containment, it(he,she) had his(her,your) great one I gave - fu-sion since it was achieved to see with detention the last reports that were managing to be the first ones provided that they were taking, always, the vision.

The order of the factors of and - vacua-sion that were delivering the pilasters of the maraca of two GG, was facilitating such a question and they gave apprehended the phenomenon of the publication and the engine of pressure to a system that was based on the weakest situation:

Lampresa dawning to the great dis-tor-sion, complement necessary for the Boson Higs, in the CADI'S brain and to locate to the flagellators of the Planet Earth.
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