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Sustainabilty in eight steps.

1. During 56 virtual years (8 physical years), we will have to be able to mix the prodigal children of high technology, with employees focused on the processes of that time.
2. This obligation is observing the expansion of the BPO (Business Process Operation) industry, which doesn’t always grow thanks to the market. Determined in these organizations which, in the end, there comes a time when products are standardized and normalized, the competition intensifies, demand declines and customers become more demanding. This was long-term projected in a circle in the 90's.
3. In full settlement of the networks, this situation has been corrected and the times have been shortened. Furthermore, it has added a new system that determines the time and which is establishing the capability and development of computers, Internet speed, the inclusion of individuals in any social network, etc.. etc. Viewed and understood that governments should subsidize their economies for the future, States must take the same tendency to not to succumb.
4. The need to have a design today, what should be and build within schools, is the observation that Folder. It looks to the XX (20) as final, because others have a more aggressive outreach and subsidy to its Digital Memorandum (50) and others already have the technology and is deeply rooted in their society.
5. What determines the direction of Management is to implement a Folder (specification of actions) to control, dominate and manipulate, in the long run, the processes in order to have the opportunity to compete in the economy of the future. The functions are given (in terms of education ministries, municipalities, schools, teachers and learners) the only need is the model, the coordination and implementation.
6. Since there is much to do and no time to indicate very many points, the Folder XX settles a begin, an inbetween, and an end: Today, seeking work in 100% digital format, at an average of 4 years teachers should have the ability to construct and indicate that the model is already suing the process, scrutinize and evaluate the work officially done digitally, in an average of 6 years, have the role of education dominate the indicators of such processes 8 years and bring the generation of students skilled in digital tasks.
7. Taking the words of the principles and indicators that are lead by the prodigies of myriad other factors, which does not observe Folder XX today will be those who will be eligible for acceleration of industrial processes, commercial, cultural, artistic, etc.. of that time and the rest who do not qualify on excellence will be an advantage to work in the admin-demand digital technology and operational functions of the future.
8. The delay in implementation will correct the deadline and will also require to correct the intime of the periods.

(I) To Increase productivity and competitiveness in the private sector, based on adoption and intensive use of sophisticated information technology.

Chile should condition the E°, again, to establish certain parameters to obtain digital nutrition. When investments are in the private order to small and medium enterprises it requires the guarantor of national to take part and become a local competitor of a "Strategy for Mastering the Digital Marketplace." Indicating that already exists in the torrent of entrepreneurial firms dedicated to ICT's ( "The opportunity alone is not enough" e-class) expertice to be a supplier of whatever digital solutions the education of Chile will require. is a model of a, crafted, digital strategy built upon a Strong Digital Nuclear Reactor, which is already wreaking havoc in the international markets. The abduction of capital is because it has no competitors which could achieve their business level and the only way, seeing it from our position, to reverse the situation to the level the transversal development of Chile, is to generate a flawless network for the users of .cl.

Education has no discussion and the administrative apparatus of E ° can not be left in the rear. Companies that maintain a significant extent on developing solutions for networks and primitive interfaces in the private sector, should be considered to be providers and / or managers of international portfolios of ICT's global providers.

Under our observation the lines that define the network of the Chile’s Education, should be on a constant observation (,, etc.). And for a rolling shield, capable of accepting infinite changes in nomenclature and architecture . By indicating that it takes a national estrategy, it should not suffer from common faults in transmission, reception and support.

Storage - hosting - should be top priority (security, availability, collection, etc.). And an open source language to allow the incursion of the two algorithms suitable for each function required by the Chilean Education.

(II) create and promote a new sense of common national culture and information technology. is a craft, non-profit entrerprising focused on observing what impact is fractured into society. The rise of blogs on and on any other of their branches represent the edges where you can travel within a single application of network of networks. By maintaining a undeniable domain name the national torrent bets in the creation of a portal of domestic recurrence.

Common sense and culturalization could be achived by transient binding factors, whether in the case of MCM (mass media), educational establishments (Universities, Institutes and Colleges) and DIDECO's (municipalities). In addition to the wide range of leasing centers of virtual connections.

To condition state contributions to enhance the use of technologies and to adapt to common parameters for the understanding and use of all resources. Provide coverage to domestic suppliers and international consignees.

The call for people to adopt an ability to interact with technologies, should not receive opposition and should be allowed to grow in the larger fields that allow the free market practice (Loveparade, free exhibitions, various communities, etc.).

(III) Promotion of a Quality and Integrity Digital Government

Governments that manage to get the administration of E °, must encourage the use of technology across the population, constantly. The continuity is not for the directors in office but for the long run. Understanding this axiom, all public officials, suppliers and recipient state are considered. Then those who are customers and, finally, those who interact in any field with the institutions.

This and the successor governments have to act as guarantors for the inclusion of Chile in the digital interaction. Be a priority focus on designing, structuring and manipulating an operating strategy, the first promotional raids and should be designed to cover the entire globe covered. Cl

Scroll through all the twists of national transit users (national criteria providers of navigation) connected to the network and deliver the signal in the appropriate place and occasion. Observe the development and concitación work, school and university to get the right message and the call conceptualized. Observe the incursion of the adult population and measure their degree of acceptance to advocacy.

Connectivity with all the labor and business (Chilecalidad, CORFO, SOFOFA, chilecrece, etc.). To prosecute the national digital enterprise. Acknowledging the support and adequate communication, moreover, to identify where communication is worn and does not penetrate.

(IV) Increase the intensity and sophistication of use of information technology by students and civil society.

In designing an impoverishment, a market in its own self-expression, technological capabilities to low-income sectors, with the consequent deterioration in the use and abuse of technology, is designed to lift the digitization process centers located in schools.

Strategic Connection units would be for feeding and nurturing the broader aspects of the students to use Internet tools. In addition to providing unrestricted support to assess and EDCH early incursion of the new wise and honest-active "to the administration of E °.

Being attracted students in a digital processing center, it must be open to the community to enforce the intent of the government proposal. It is also possible to access and use to teachers and officials from several establishments, with the aim of extending citizenship to the use of virtual technology.

Today should be a top performing and achieving all interconnected, through the identification which has a maximum in the civic life: The RUT, RUN or CI. With that expanded and certified, should resolve many of the applications that are required to identify an individual. Certificates of study, background information, commercial, life and curriculum of various other sections of civil obligations in a single access and perpetual. But that is not the case that the information is dispersed and fragmented by economic interests of holders of information and ignorance of a new process of access and collections.

At this time, I have to apply for a new job and new employer's requests are overwhelming me and complicate what might be the quick access to my own background. Found that my life is divided and scattered among many operators, in these times, should be integrated or connected by a single node. It is clear that the economic needs of those who hold my data, leads to charge for the service to tell me who I am and I've done. However, if each one had a clear of government can require the background of an individual; authorizes payment via a tax exemption and / or electronic payment myself, without hesitation, made available to the E ° my resources to ensure I get my own data.

OGA (Operator General Background) could be the new corridor that would have the citizen of the future for ask in electronic, agile and secure manner for his profile when his labor asks him to access his database . Being here at the point where you can start talking about the reunion with the concepts of education and information flow.

At present, Chile is going through one of the most significant problems of communication in the field of Education. Both the background as the use of facts, have led to the initiation of a cleansing and shielding of today’s education and tomorrow’s.

Learners are scattered and lost among the many elements that come together today to enhance their educational process. Because diversity is so broad as the market itself, it is required to concentrate one only flow for the processes of tomorrow be more agile, secure and accurate. Avoid to the maximum entropy of non-compatible databases, access is difficult and hindered by economic bureaucracy.

Having a reliable communication system and specifically the reactions of an educational moment. Perform infinite crosses of information and be able set parameters, patterns and sequences in a digital container allow that on the future the instantaneousness can permit to access the data quickly to make a correction.

They are designed for weak digital nuclear reactors. To be placed where the opportunities are not irrigated and farmed. Those who want and need as well as those who can see, early on, to be its own shares decanting, inquiry, search, clothing, etc.. which makes it a digital quick-change roles and / or actions.

Points to the most demanding market, which require hipervinculación of reality between the various models work, to build their goods and services by applying the trend towards holistic total, using the Web as a platform, networks and the Internet.

Since 1981 the vision to lock Dómine Corporations throughout the Fatherland - supply centers and educational facilities - has hovered in the head of the owners of education, in the obvious, the political father (the state) is also due have crossed this occurrence at the time. In just under three decades has been to build a business for many would be entrepreneurs, is and will only work with a high return on investment. However, time has been very punctual corrections and education environment is no longer the same since 1993. Observed today that within a decade, how to conduct education needs to align with the speed of networks.

Today’s learner has to be more deeply analyzed and understand that he is a demanding customer and asks for faster services. However, although the structural insecurity is evident in the Dómine facilities have to accept the today’s offer. It is therefore necessary to make substantial improvements to the population machinery, to develop training activities, add more training tracks and add a new category in the demand of the tasks.
Folder XX is a guide to using all that is walking in the Education of Chile and is suitable for accelerating the search and early indication of future managers of web content.

The different enterprises aimed to extending the rotation of the educational societies, result that empowerment is not to diversify, but to the increase of innovative features in the process of bringing the individual to perform digitalized tasks, this time on the networks . Thus, the proposed renovation and adaptation of today’s machinery (processors, peripherals, connections, classrooms and library), computers and their environments, which deliver knowledge and can be connected to networks, can also get control and direction by the Authority, the corporation and the teaching staff.

XX Folder implies the possibility of a budget increase - since the release of those situations subject to the Ministry with their controllers and those who are controlled, in the short term, the direct environment of the machines (computers, classrooms and libraries), these being adjusted to prepare the new demands of the searches, discernment of what you want, a compilation of what is searched, completion and delivery of what is looked for: digitized tasks.

The purpose of Folder XX indicate that:

1. It has renewed the request for the task: Task web from electronic whiteboard.
2. A new category of work has to be added: Digital Task from digital databases.
3. Accelerate task delivery : Use of digital tools for making, structuring, storage and shipment.

Education needs:

* Corporations Dómine XXI.

* Broadband, with internal optical flow system.

* Networking between Corporations, Municipalities and Ministry of Education.

* Digital storage for the shelter of the tasks and their subsequent handling.

* Assistance in the navigation and control, collection and preparation of tasks.

* Operators for the shielding of the network.

* Suppliers for the renewal, maintenance and projection facilities.

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