jueves, enero 22, 2009

The Arrival

Noting the deployment Q

Michael had indicated to them 17M trepanar, immediately the corporations Latin teacher, in the time determined for them. Being the dates and times coordinated by The Creator, fitted to the space in which it(he,she) had to give his(her,your) more energetic sparkle of strategy, which his(her,your) herald would lead: Keting.

" Remain to the distance that I have entrusted you and from there indicate all the reactors to me they begin to generate sign of Q-entities. I will be prepared to receive such a sign and to begin my attack "

The sky began to fill with light and there were seen the sparkles of the glorious clash that Michael gave, in opposition to the hosts of his(her,your) fallen brother. The deafening sound and the maxims of luminosity were done of the sky and so many Melkos as Cadores, were feeling the most immense of the supports in order that the extraction was not failing. Being the anticipated human beings those who submitted, without doubting, to the most forceful of the works of security of his(her,your) supreme ones.

The sliders had obtained one of the most dizzy indications, showed by the reactors Q-entities. This way, his(her,your) machines were reacting without external commands. It was the indication of The Creator the one that was manipulating them and already it was a time to do work of extraction, to avoid all the souls they were kept inside the Cubante Prisión.

From several parts already could be observed the paths of the beams that they were marking, in the mutated ether, which it(he,she) was provoking It(He,She) Raises G. The radiations generated by the reactors were emerging from the aspect of the sphere of life, crossing the atmosphere and were clashing with the edge of the cubante. Obviously, Michael already had that one foreseen and his(her,your) hosts of rear were transmitting in six provoked planes. An operation never before registered in the paradisiac annals, for a campaign of extraction.

It was clear that the importance of the campaign had the highest indication from the center of of the universes. That one was recognizing it A Luz's Bell and he(it) would not continue observing without giving the battle, for his(her,your) any more valued trophies. In addition, all the soul was defending his(her,your) domains(controls), it(he,she) was supporting the Cubante Prisión without modification of his(her,your) marvellous portals of containment.

" Flagellate them mercilessly and then shelter them with kindness. Support them in the confusion and do not give them free option. They demonstrate all that they will obtain if to this paradise they flank without questioning. His(her,your) options will never coincide and of the undecided ones our profit will increase ". There was listened the stridency of the indication, of the owner of the prison.

This age the sign in order that Keting began to arrange the celestial hosts and was infringing sendos arremetimientos to the Q-entities and his(her,your) sparkles. The sea, from the bark of It(He,She) Raises G, happening(passing) for the mutated ether and coming up to the edges of the Cubante Prisión, already it was adapted in order that he(it) was working. The sky was indicating position and the "mkta" must be liberated.


sábado, enero 10, 2009


To follow(continue) the Creator is one of the most futile companies that the individual could tackle. Nevertheless, in order that in some moment one could have the honor of being near him(it) and of observing his(her,your) magnificence, there is the idea of giving qualitative and quantitative jumps to reach part(report) of his(her,your) great coherence, on the existence having made ourselves.

The today world is a gigantic and immeasurable manufacture of rigid and ethereal structures that intermingle to give us an everything of why of the life. Designs, models and you form(train) they us come driving and they us will guide while the planet turn.

Habemos who, for our nature and conscience, we do not manage to fit in the molds. We fight against the established and prefer supporting a firm idea opposite to the overwhelming(crushing) current of the world. Being that attitude the one that grants a new perspective, so commendably as her(it) of being in harmony with the rest of instances(authorities) that develop to the unison.

What will be that one? A very clear response in our conscience is: to meet the weakness, fragility and sensitivity of what is around and inside us themselves. Probably, on having had conscience of that one we can give response to one without end(purpose) of stumbles and raise that, on having had this great ethereal quality called FAITH, we manage to obtain capacities that, of no other form, are revealed in the individuals.

Both the concepts of the sentimental manifestations of the human being, and the royal(real) instances(authorities) that outline the conscience, are provoked in this world. Between(among) the individuals and his(her,your) ways of coexisting, there flow of a spring - without end(purpose) - so many notions of the happened, current and future events that: only we still have to arm with a great device that of account(bill) of our worry(restlessness) and it(he,she) makes us prevail.

In these times where the dogmatic, ideological, political, territorial, economic conflicts overturn in warlike manifestations and the human being gives punishment for drink to himself making disappear to his(her,your) homonym, we are constructing an enclave taken root in the bits; where that one has content in an ejemplificación and not in a physical expansion inherent in the atoms.

Fijate.cl: nuclear Reaction weak foxglove, in favor of supporting the balance of decantation with the world taken root in the atoms and the bits.

Héctor Samuel Quijada Olguín



P y CS



domingo, enero 04, 2009

Digital strategies To dominate Markets

In the sea of the networks(nets) the collision is becoming complex and fortuitous between(among) the virtual weak entities and the individuals who accede to the network(net), in search of answers to everything who does not stop increasing. While the virtual machines are perfected to satisfy more and more the demands(lawsuits) of the users; the devices of indication and attention to support control on the transposition of the atoms to the bits, support position and walk with digitized time (7X1).

It(He,She) is as well as one sees fijate.cl, while it(he,she) becomes detached of the year of the change 2008. Admitting in the whole informative range and elucubradora, new vigors for an economy that it(she) is ready to take position, which will be fed by the consumers n º 1 of this one it(he,she) raises and radiated towards all those who have chosen to follow(continue), to emulate them them and to reach them.

From other latitudes it is possible to see the phenomenon of an intense career(race) for reaching new levels of information and catching information before measured. The limits have been exceeded and our society is amazed while there are formed scenes(stages) that, constant, had warned, warned and praised.

Now, we can only continue with the task of concentrating on the most relevant punctualities for us and of forming virtuosities removed from the complex thing, provided that this one supports a level of alteration, not ideal, for the new mercantile scheme.

The innovation, excellence and merits it(he,she) has a new slogan in the economy of the tomorrow and this it is the imagination of the quite based one on atoms; evacuated and executed in the bits.






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