viernes, febrero 05, 2010




This I wrote for the future. For those not born, born and unborn among networks
If before the emplacement of virtual humans, the situation had to unravel a double think. In these digital time, the question requires it to take three fronts where noted:
Area dogmatic.
Dogmatic Area, has been developed as a true example of transfer of atoms to bits. Although the elements of dogma are not manifested in physical form, we are certain that bits will absorb, in full, the statements of the creeds of those born and born, imbued, in the networks. When we have exceeded the 4.0 version of the Internet, that will be even more specific.
Area media.
The media area is the profession that we are always touched by observing, and learning processes we would have had to work. However, nothing can be provoked and immediately as digital strategy was necessary, we learned that we had to be captured by a digital operator functions, and this this time giving away its digital production, the rule at some point everything infinite that the wave of the web, until then, understood.
With these premises we moved to register the names of high value, when all this is seen as a fantasy involving Reaction Digital Elemental Weak. Since: by the side of the media, we are positioned inverted.
Obviously, the activities of settling of these columns, is an exemplification of a future very fast, as these require the management of human beings as a whole or lonely, digitally conditioned.
Dominated area.
In an effort to unravel the working mechanisms of control and domination, was flying a dedicated area to the dominated. Within it is the representation of spaces dedicated to look at the government and parliament representation for this mission is simply to indicate the capacity of ubiquity that can cause in digital, entities that have no dimensions bounded in the physical world. Besides being the "control, is also our famous log the" politosfera "name coined by people who make up this digital venture, to refer to the political world.

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