lunes, junio 16, 2008

Plantea G, 17M, La Llegada.

Reunidas the hosts of the Melk, these two parameters and had to approach raises G-name under which raises the gravitational Trustees of excellence. They had given instructions that will measure the densities of which would be affected and strategies were identified to do those studies. Given that, while travelling to cubante prison, all ranges of the kind should be appropriate to act when the planet sore destination.

Density Molecular appropriate for the sliders were dizzying flight and displacement within the atmosphere; lifting capacity of the curtains repellents and autonomy to the warehouse units were in office while the kind made with his recent work, the task was contemplating strategies . Must be designed, while the movement is expressed, the driver and baffle specific time for Miguel de Nebadón was present while the hosts of the father worked.

The Sentinel were more than euphoric with his eventual participation in the cubante 1.235.980.098,98:98. Since toward long celestial communications and heavenly symphonies broadcast this series of numbers. They, as a section of widespread displacement and universal destination, known for the first time the siege of a planetary atmosphere and the kind would work under the direction of eminent strategist of Father Miguel de Nebadón. In addition measured forces with the broad and dense army of subjugation.

As well as presenting the most significant event in the center of the universe of the evolving systems, the sounds of ads will begin its transmission. The entire universe is remecer before the great stridently meant that when the Father entrusted to his son, in second instance, to drive a new rescue of its most lofty creations.

The transfers of information were not made to wait and universes reacted, reaching transmission Light Bell. Bell light meant so soon reach a detachment raises G, commissioned by the Father, to rescue the past suffered and suffered before the worlds he created, constantly, for humans. He understood that an impending extraction happen and this could not afford large-scale treaty that he had sealed, he assured that the first interventions would have no effect on celestial matching worlds raised.

Meanwhile, in the domains of the Father, Critor Cadore and received their parcels from the very Miguel de Nebadón. To them, the illustrious son, gave explicit instructions to begin when the extraction poses G. They would be assisted by a large contingent of Sentinel and strategies, but… Miguel had always referred to humans evolved for the most accurate and presented them with the group of shock and intervention on the configuration, with them, would be insured and covered by a resounding success entrusts the extraction and correction.

Sono, then, the bells in the domains of Light Bell and it left no doubt that goodness was close to cubante prison. The subjugation was about to give a stiff opposition to all fields of action of goodness and maintain their trophies captured and held for that condition and not abandon their demonstration. The fight, in itself, was envisaged as the most monumental that happen in the area Santania, Ama Zone.

domingo, junio 15, 2008


Double-thinking. For the first time shows the magnitude of what is supposed to be done. How are we going to communicate with the future of the reason for our nation? In the future there will be a rumor of a weak node, which brings together the compendium of the south-version and will not operate clandestinely. It will be a vibration, with indelible mark on the network. People refer to us by calling us simply look.
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