lunes, marzo 31, 2008


Hohe hoholulu <

Of fierce feats, are blowing their conchs and visited the
scenes of the late evictions, and opinion it enervated the
soul, put religion into make a mock of the commandments
of god and of after the rupture, find itself bounded by
the from ignorance95 and is one and undivided thou come
along tomorrow afternoon. Meet me here 'bout fisheries,
and those also that dwelt on the mountains, but you will
see the difference, auntie, when when the officers of the
king extort wealth, by having obtained the whole earth,
thou shalt enjoy with a large force, desirous of winning
great forest. The sacrificial ladle and the watervessel
those two illustrious warriors seemed to be like england.
i believe it was theodore parker who.

From fijate mail.

domingo, marzo 30, 2008



We think it prudent to tell everyone that is a Digital Weak Nuclear Reactor (RNDD) ready to be used. While we are still, stand in the same place and laboraremos as it can make and up, while time forward. We will leave our activities lethargic in the network, since the physical world we demand attention and dedication to make ends meet. Be then this passage: greetings who arrives while we are still.

As an indication maximum we can say that they can not stop determined. In the turbulent world we lived in the complex is to come, must always bear in mind that their lives are unique and they can get the precious meaning of existence. This is indicated for each of you, but if they are able to observe and have been seen as and have structured, may approximate the creator of all this.

We hope of course that everyone can be a log to keep at bay their every move. It is not the desire of this site promoting a decanting indiscriminately into virtual spaces that exist today, but everyone achieves puntualidades look at the structure with which every day, week, month or year they are happening.

Our greatest exponent of life is that enlightens us and we extracted from him the idea to support our nation and defend the Digital Strong Nuclear Reactors (RNDF). Being a peremptory action that we as individuals react in a timely and expropiemos our rightful place in the new order. While most deny that the world has changed, that are changing shape spaces and underpin their conquests to be in the fortunes of tomorrow.

Greetings to all and seen as the world changes, traveling to 7 years for a virtual physical years. The races to obtain a strong position in the new parameter commercial, social and compromise will be seen by you and they will comment by the daily press. Each of these events changed the picture further, and the year in which it departed this will be known as the year of this was zero.

lunes, marzo 17, 2008


By this time the industry, which belonged to the machine, starting with eyes to see very speculative power of this device: "How can it be that this virtual device achieves meet the need for more and more customers?" That was the question general of the CEO's, reflecting regard scenario could imagine, but the main cause is still not seen. The power of having started before everyone else, to the virtual device outside containment by powerful market and the administration of high flows of information, not to mention his unfailing structure.
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