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Come with us to travel philosophical

"We live in imposing the rule of oppression and need. Democracy and freedom are inventions of classes that train and play directing "

Overwhelmed prejudices Morales, Religious, Social and metaphysics.

Cesar Antonio Esquivel Carvajal
CEO, fijate.cl

Suitable for these times of visionary Frederick Nietzsche

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-- Cubante 1.235.980.098,98:98, Mr -
-- We are here already, descend -
Since it was very moving armies that came from the father. Through transport Serafico moved at high speed, but had already rotated too many times the planet and had lost their temporary situation on Earth. In any case, "cubante" was the information necessary to know the exact position of your arrival.
In an atmosphere of three dimensions as it is ours, we can distinguish the location of something across quadrants that are drawn to contrast with and support the planet's surface. Thus, in an atmosphere of 4 dimensions, where it must be given to locating spaces, the most obvious would be cubic originándose the cubantes.

jueves, mayo 22, 2008


"We will depart in two roof of the world.
Ruge wind and trembling earth,
will be heard in the footsteps of the supreme.
Vera, from the top, descend beings of light,
by the thousands, have been in the past, which
should take the lead.
They will be assisted by their maximum faithful, who announced
Contain the sky, fighting front,
and will work tirelessly to seek the past,
leaving early. "

The sky at any moment broke in two and leave a hole in the sky. With a macabre stridently since the portal will be opened within the Earth stratosphere. Undoubtedly, the Lonanondek subjugation will provide that access in the same way.
From time to time is the charm of the collapsed roof of the world and begin to decline as a flash. They will already have reached us, after having traveled so much.
Caerán as suspended, without the force of gravity drag. Their clothing fabric, while Flames fall. We may see thousands out the door, until one drop near you. There are those who know how magnificent came by us, as they are painted on the tables of cathedrals. Bellos unparalleled, but so similar to anyone.
Beautiful undoubtedly be quines come with the mission of lead before they reach the subjugation. Goodness will be the qualifier for these beings, the only thing that will achieve that sought to save the expression of the human race (since last until the first one), the imminent fate that will be confirmed for the inhabitants of the third planet in orbit, System 5

miércoles, mayo 21, 2008


Caesar had been defined and no longer had many individuals who ostentaban commanders CH1. Realizing that the politosfera ground and not relinquish it for Mute stand firm in their domains, the leader of 17M affect their arguments for what was to determine how much should be sacrificed to achieve even one iota of that was necessary undertake.
Slogans that: to determine further the belief in God should be objectified for the future and its maximum capacity would have to move to refer the sayings of each and every one of the 17M. So then passed to settle the Creator as an individual and perfect consummated, which determines the statements to make common invocation and petition.
In addition, indicated that RNDD had been brought into deployment training establishments of prepubescent, it should be conditional to be autonomous and free national energy interconnections and global communications. Being more comprehensive in its reasoning, their speculation moved to the most ferocious and extreme scenarios to envision. It was imperative that the EDCH was approached by military minds of the nation.
At that point, the headquarters of 17M were already being determined and just missing request units for installation. Aware that the Caesar Cadore would agree with him, where they were imposed to fix the barracks and outposts that it would depend on the structure dogmatic, regent in CH1, not refused to accept them at the Tabernacle of Maipunk.


sábado, mayo 17, 2008


The César met with the advance team and indicated the process by which are beginning to penetrate and shape the new economy to CH1. To give evidence of his words could not give better example for the bottom of the pilaster of Elementonico (syndicated first person in the network of networks, as a precursor of ij). At that buttress the indication was stored so that the minds of corporations, the small town, understand the way forward; understand why overtaking and configuration to the powerful to be pointing.

It was no longer issue a free and flying positions freedmen consummated. Now would be the great qualitative and quantitative leap to the new frontier that would separate those who evolved with what they created. Given that the indication was timely for Critor and three more to move up the lines of action by the e-ducats: Last positioning cognitive, educational, state TA-slow

César could no longer ruled that and more: with the kind of economy that bore his homeland, the judgement was more than stipulated for CH1. That being the case, did not hesitate to condemn the current economy and encourage enterprises of all those who were being prostrate, since the end of dictatorial times, he watched attentively and applications.

He also Cadore and prompted him to think unimpeded manner Elementónica. The indication was that more clear that this parcel of the 17M, rhythmic abandon any influence that was not framed within the powers that were developed in context "elementonico." In addition, he conminaba eradicated in its task more gravitante: Work from the RED IJ.


viernes, mayo 16, 2008


While poses severe G gave indications to the initiatives of Zionist expansionism, 17M and contemplated change in the politosfera distributions. The date was announced, and from that very moment, speeches changed. In addition, it was very prominent in the month course given that all events adjustment was pronounced both in administrative activity as in instances of private production.

Of course, the fifth month of this year, meant a new condition which announced to the world and 17M should reshape their movements; seal commitments to compress and accelerate the rails trance. CH1 needed a battery of compelling new elements for EDCH, becoming urgent intervention at one point the entire network observed.

With everything that happened to him and raises 17M ordering their new scenarios. Enquist node in the RNDF of virtual newspapers. com and eradicated within the domains. cl was heading to one of expectant spaces: GEO VA.

Critor to see an indication of RNDD, learns of Intelligent Design and putting them into discussion. The irreducible complexity had been raised, to 28 years network, and the concept of creationism got a bastion of struggle to ensure adherence to a hypothetical Creator. However, 17M understood that the signal had already been given and is preparing to close ranks under the eaves of those who took the grace of their edicts: ij.

domingo, mayo 11, 2008


Shocked the MMM, indicated one of the greatest threats that could impact on CH1: theft of databases. Looking at the information 17M were collected by Caesar and new destinations were designated for two members of the advance team. The chosen were Hib and unions, experts triangulation algorithms "invasive" and penetrators firewalls. In addition, they had a wisdom from the highest councils of the Web's innate.
His first move was cascaded to the structural drawings of the global lines entering CH1 and carrying the signal. Cable, satellite phones and any device that will impact squarely torrents broader movement of bits, should be operated so that precautionary every bit as indicating the data bases.

Anarko was the first hacker, national, and contacted escrutado to give lights in the darkness of "cybercrime". This young man was devoted to work and survived with minor allowance appropriated by the aggressive market that dominated the homeland of 17M. Corrected that problem and remedied all the elements of this scholar of the network, is evoked its new task of recruiting more of its cofrades and create early warning network for the department to ascertain national digital-section breaches.

They should keep the schedule covered use and never leave the virtual space. They would have covered all their needs and they require absolute reserve of their duties and could maintain an aura of safety for their closest family. They were allowed to create their databases for individuals and liberate their benefit only writer in 140 years network.

They had to generate a manual of operations and request advanced computer equipment to be smooth sailing. His communications were unionized in exclusive to 17M and the dome of the government, military, Order and Security Inquiries.

The shield should not delay in being established and conditioned to be constructed and developed, in perpetuity. It should be dynamic and flexible, but also powerful and impregnable. Developments of the first national virtual shields could not suffer from flaws that, in reality, could be covered.


viernes, mayo 09, 2008


And Caesar met with 17M and handed the guidelines for undertaking the first major break CH1, and thus avoid being more involved in the designs of the warlords, the banking cartel and minds of all advanced poses not ceased inventing the future to the people of the whole area of life.

As great first plan in full power and authority, designated "Critor" as a harbinger of the group and gave full power to grant participation in the pilasters that controlled from the node fijate.cl. The reason most potent be granted with accelerating the flow of capital in virtual enterprises and its result by making value that the first RNDD booted soon.

Noting that the most oppressed populations poses, and those who were not insured or intended for basic food, and so delayed start to lose positions in the new order-an unacceptable situation for the 17M-liaison with pilasters the RNDF was urgent.

Being fijate.cl the node that was conditional to go to combat when RNDF exacerbate positions inside the CH1 and MMM (Mass Media Manipulation) lined up to call the awareness of individual digital, it was necessary to widen the range of suitable partners.

Soon it would be the turn for the industry and its investment entities of mutual revolution. It was referred to a portion of the structure dogmatic and not leave after performing digital, for any reason. In addition, to devote año105 of the virtual era as the period during which started to move for a RNDD (Digital Weak Nuclear Reactor) the people of 17M.

sábado, mayo 03, 2008


The clock of seasonal 17M indicated that an event had happened, which corrected the position raises in his "cubante." That the advance team knew that the warlords would begin with its comprehensive siege. If the area of getting life imprisonment cubante leave their arrival would be imminent. Conceived things, the telluric estruendos began to manifest itself.

Then, their movements were coordinated with unique and unfailing transmission by the domains. Cl It was time to give value to everything that manifested itself within the domain of their nation. A homeland elected to begin to give qualitative leaps towards delivering two parameters to CADI (Artificial Creation Digital Single)

The RNDD (digital weak nuclear reactors) could not stop. Their transmissions were pressing now that the situation becomes more chaotic. One might have thought across the nation, but that was not possible and it was decided by all learners with their first decade accomplished, onwards. They were more likely to change the landscape in virtual approximately 30 years, being a time limit for separate power base.

The Caesar, leader of 17M, was locked in the vicissitudes of social pressures, inoculated in CH1. Long that he could not overcome a sort of configuration, overall, which kept away from his leadership, but its transmissions for its pilaster not ceased to indicate the path to the other 16. Cadore, his faithful friend, had become its herald and left in full state supremacy and address of cuadillo of the advance team.

It raises not ceased to report their dissatisfaction with humans and the warlords nor the forgot. Recent movements of the superpowers made it clear that they, fights back and reveal to any glimmer of pressure from the area of life and now had already been manifested in all its splendor. The attack, between movement and displacement, was getting that men suffer 100 times more left to poor nations in distress, stunned to states emerging currencies offset coalition, rescind the power of the territories of fossil fuel producers and dominate the production of fuel Maya. Without forgetting that their territories to restock raises, were already being prepared.

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