sábado, mayo 17, 2008


The César met with the advance team and indicated the process by which are beginning to penetrate and shape the new economy to CH1. To give evidence of his words could not give better example for the bottom of the pilaster of Elementonico (syndicated first person in the network of networks, as a precursor of ij). At that buttress the indication was stored so that the minds of corporations, the small town, understand the way forward; understand why overtaking and configuration to the powerful to be pointing.

It was no longer issue a free and flying positions freedmen consummated. Now would be the great qualitative and quantitative leap to the new frontier that would separate those who evolved with what they created. Given that the indication was timely for Critor and three more to move up the lines of action by the e-ducats: Last positioning cognitive, educational, state TA-slow

César could no longer ruled that and more: with the kind of economy that bore his homeland, the judgement was more than stipulated for CH1. That being the case, did not hesitate to condemn the current economy and encourage enterprises of all those who were being prostrate, since the end of dictatorial times, he watched attentively and applications.

He also Cadore and prompted him to think unimpeded manner Elementónica. The indication was that more clear that this parcel of the 17M, rhythmic abandon any influence that was not framed within the powers that were developed in context "elementonico." In addition, he conminaba eradicated in its task more gravitante: Work from the RED IJ.


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