jueves, mayo 22, 2008


"We will depart in two roof of the world.
Ruge wind and trembling earth,
will be heard in the footsteps of the supreme.
Vera, from the top, descend beings of light,
by the thousands, have been in the past, which
should take the lead.
They will be assisted by their maximum faithful, who announced
Contain the sky, fighting front,
and will work tirelessly to seek the past,
leaving early. "

The sky at any moment broke in two and leave a hole in the sky. With a macabre stridently since the portal will be opened within the Earth stratosphere. Undoubtedly, the Lonanondek subjugation will provide that access in the same way.
From time to time is the charm of the collapsed roof of the world and begin to decline as a flash. They will already have reached us, after having traveled so much.
Caerán as suspended, without the force of gravity drag. Their clothing fabric, while Flames fall. We may see thousands out the door, until one drop near you. There are those who know how magnificent came by us, as they are painted on the tables of cathedrals. Bellos unparalleled, but so similar to anyone.
Beautiful undoubtedly be quines come with the mission of lead before they reach the subjugation. Goodness will be the qualifier for these beings, the only thing that will achieve that sought to save the expression of the human race (since last until the first one), the imminent fate that will be confirmed for the inhabitants of the third planet in orbit, System 5

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