viernes, mayo 09, 2008


And Caesar met with 17M and handed the guidelines for undertaking the first major break CH1, and thus avoid being more involved in the designs of the warlords, the banking cartel and minds of all advanced poses not ceased inventing the future to the people of the whole area of life.

As great first plan in full power and authority, designated "Critor" as a harbinger of the group and gave full power to grant participation in the pilasters that controlled from the node The reason most potent be granted with accelerating the flow of capital in virtual enterprises and its result by making value that the first RNDD booted soon.

Noting that the most oppressed populations poses, and those who were not insured or intended for basic food, and so delayed start to lose positions in the new order-an unacceptable situation for the 17M-liaison with pilasters the RNDF was urgent.

Being the node that was conditional to go to combat when RNDF exacerbate positions inside the CH1 and MMM (Mass Media Manipulation) lined up to call the awareness of individual digital, it was necessary to widen the range of suitable partners.

Soon it would be the turn for the industry and its investment entities of mutual revolution. It was referred to a portion of the structure dogmatic and not leave after performing digital, for any reason. In addition, to devote año105 of the virtual era as the period during which started to move for a RNDD (Digital Weak Nuclear Reactor) the people of 17M.

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