miércoles, mayo 21, 2008


Caesar had been defined and no longer had many individuals who ostentaban commanders CH1. Realizing that the politosfera ground and not relinquish it for Mute stand firm in their domains, the leader of 17M affect their arguments for what was to determine how much should be sacrificed to achieve even one iota of that was necessary undertake.
Slogans that: to determine further the belief in God should be objectified for the future and its maximum capacity would have to move to refer the sayings of each and every one of the 17M. So then passed to settle the Creator as an individual and perfect consummated, which determines the statements to make common invocation and petition.
In addition, indicated that RNDD had been brought into deployment training establishments of prepubescent, it should be conditional to be autonomous and free national energy interconnections and global communications. Being more comprehensive in its reasoning, their speculation moved to the most ferocious and extreme scenarios to envision. It was imperative that the EDCH was approached by military minds of the nation.
At that point, the headquarters of 17M were already being determined and just missing request units for installation. Aware that the Caesar Cadore would agree with him, where they were imposed to fix the barracks and outposts that it would depend on the structure dogmatic, regent in CH1, not refused to accept them at the Tabernacle of Maipunk.


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