domingo, mayo 11, 2008


Shocked the MMM, indicated one of the greatest threats that could impact on CH1: theft of databases. Looking at the information 17M were collected by Caesar and new destinations were designated for two members of the advance team. The chosen were Hib and unions, experts triangulation algorithms "invasive" and penetrators firewalls. In addition, they had a wisdom from the highest councils of the Web's innate.
His first move was cascaded to the structural drawings of the global lines entering CH1 and carrying the signal. Cable, satellite phones and any device that will impact squarely torrents broader movement of bits, should be operated so that precautionary every bit as indicating the data bases.

Anarko was the first hacker, national, and contacted escrutado to give lights in the darkness of "cybercrime". This young man was devoted to work and survived with minor allowance appropriated by the aggressive market that dominated the homeland of 17M. Corrected that problem and remedied all the elements of this scholar of the network, is evoked its new task of recruiting more of its cofrades and create early warning network for the department to ascertain national digital-section breaches.

They should keep the schedule covered use and never leave the virtual space. They would have covered all their needs and they require absolute reserve of their duties and could maintain an aura of safety for their closest family. They were allowed to create their databases for individuals and liberate their benefit only writer in 140 years network.

They had to generate a manual of operations and request advanced computer equipment to be smooth sailing. His communications were unionized in exclusive to 17M and the dome of the government, military, Order and Security Inquiries.

The shield should not delay in being established and conditioned to be constructed and developed, in perpetuity. It should be dynamic and flexible, but also powerful and impregnable. Developments of the first national virtual shields could not suffer from flaws that, in reality, could be covered.

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