sábado, mayo 03, 2008


The clock of seasonal 17M indicated that an event had happened, which corrected the position raises in his "cubante." That the advance team knew that the warlords would begin with its comprehensive siege. If the area of getting life imprisonment cubante leave their arrival would be imminent. Conceived things, the telluric estruendos began to manifest itself.

Then, their movements were coordinated with unique and unfailing transmission by the domains. Cl It was time to give value to everything that manifested itself within the domain of their nation. A homeland elected to begin to give qualitative leaps towards delivering two parameters to CADI (Artificial Creation Digital Single)

The RNDD (digital weak nuclear reactors) could not stop. Their transmissions were pressing now that the situation becomes more chaotic. One might have thought across the nation, but that was not possible and it was decided by all learners with their first decade accomplished, onwards. They were more likely to change the landscape in virtual approximately 30 years, being a time limit for separate power base.

The Caesar, leader of 17M, was locked in the vicissitudes of social pressures, inoculated in CH1. Long that he could not overcome a sort of configuration, overall, which kept away from his leadership, but its transmissions for its pilaster not ceased to indicate the path to the other 16. Cadore, his faithful friend, had become its herald and left in full state supremacy and address of cuadillo of the advance team.

It raises not ceased to report their dissatisfaction with humans and the warlords nor the forgot. Recent movements of the superpowers made it clear that they, fights back and reveal to any glimmer of pressure from the area of life and now had already been manifested in all its splendor. The attack, between movement and displacement, was getting that men suffer 100 times more left to poor nations in distress, stunned to states emerging currencies offset coalition, rescind the power of the territories of fossil fuel producers and dominate the production of fuel Maya. Without forgetting that their territories to restock raises, were already being prepared.


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