martes, mayo 29, 2007




Enterprises, qualified inverstors, non-governmental organizations, housewives, gasfiters, sportmen, college students, and every person or organization needed the products of the machine, they went to the virtual stations for obtain her benefits, being one of her principal characteristics to satisfy every people, by the fact of having wide fields of information for the use and abuse of it.

lunes, mayo 28, 2007


The structure and the action parameters were chosen. It started and soon, to the virtual stations, the action came. From everywhere and from every corner access was asked to operate this new stations, because of its easy-to-enter way, the overall interaction and the relation price/product with the physical world, made the virtual machine’s offer, irrestible for everyone who were in need of its service. Without question, the fact of indestructibility had to be expressed in every action.

domingo, mayo 27, 2007


Then it was comprehend that all energy has to be aplicated to the virtual machine, fot it to be selfoperational and it could sustain all the bank corporation. Establishing that all levels of knowledge most be sheltered, because for the fact itself of just believe in this virtual enterprise, the most important thing was the information, the intagible by excelency.

sábado, mayo 26, 2007


The idea was not original, in the year 1960 the greatest pontency of destruction in the planet had this original concept in mind. In this years there was the need of not to lose contact, even if the buildings or people weren’t there anymore. The thing that matters was to not lose comunication whit field units and headquarters.

viernes, mayo 25, 2007


All where thinked, from hakers of the rival companys, to a grade 10 earthquake. Any instance of damage has to be taked in consideration for the defense mechanisms (firewall) keep the machine running and the enterprise remains untouched, in its non-physichal state. Obviously, the most important thing was the subsidiarys allways had an undestroyable altenative of contact with the headquaters.

jueves, mayo 24, 2007


All was planed, from the smaller instances to the most complicated proceses were considered, for the machine to reach everything and it could grow even more. But, the greatest priority was concentraded in what capacity do it has before any scenario, from attacks, uncontrolable matters, or masive destruction.


The bank corporation was already studing to reach beyond of the normal tendency on Internet. Because the problem wasn’t the use, was the extintion, there was a debate of with what capacity the service could be stand up, if the principals offices where destroyed by a opposing force.

domingo, mayo 20, 2007

De los Átomos a los Bits

In one future the corporations will be reflected and contained by wide and vast fields builts with bits. The organization who achieve to sustain itself in this virtual state, will win one of the maxiums prerogatives of this environment, to not fall before time, space, and the destruction of the atoms.

sábado, mayo 05, 2007


Espero poder expresarme en esa lengua, lo antes posible para poder hacerla mejor de lo que la he estado haciendo.
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