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Among the 17M was the individual who had lied the first machine attached to his position in the mercaespacio. Cadore, individual emerged from the ranks of corporate stock, in the year DR 77, conceived to design an organization that started abducted market your company; thus he had considered that since the date specified by the year 2015 physicist, his accumulate virtual body weight by setting mandatory inclusion and spontaneous seduced audiences. However, the minds of their lead organization did not see their eyes with good ideas and opted to maintain the initiative outlawed.

However, for instances in which it was already advanced digital dynamic poses, 17M could not dispense with those thoughts. It was analysis, peremptory, the entries were exhibited Cadore, in the year 2004 physicist. They began as indications contrasted with the notice which he supported, intimately, in the compendium developed by the minds of a prestigious academy of Coloso in the north.

The model was introduced in the educational part without delay, as the physical structures of the EDCH will begin to deploy, not later than the year 112 of the new era. It was stipulated that when the engineering is complete in a RNDD, its implementation should not exceed 1 year virtual and that if it was a short time. After establishing all operational parameters and transmission line and would thus decanting off the signals would start no return.

It was approaching the moment when the lines of action in any collision raises, to begin the new order. The Colossus of the North no longer expect more and its acceleration was imminent. The longevity per se abstinent knew these movements and those of the rising sun had been insured for a long time speed. Just missing that of CH1, develop its flagship venture with him and was catapulted and accelerate their minds.

Get the start if that was imposed in the 17M, from conception: From atoms to bits, now!

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viernes, abril 25, 2008


Avis 17M the beginning to prevail a sort of general lawlessness in the ordinance of their region, they began to sharpen observation to locate the turning point most powerful and well find out that order was intended to keep the population in the CH1 lethargy and immaturity commercial (an attribute highly coveted by those who maintained their gains and advantages, because of the backwardness of their target markets)

The slogan of 17M was very clear: Nurturing constantly primary digital devices, so that the strategy does not subsided in its pursuit of leadership for the Fatherland. Since the former lines of silence and non-aggression pacts had been dissolved in politosfera and, moreover, the region began its final stage of adjustment to the new order should be put in place at all raises.

The coordination was timely in its work and to maintain a concrete block and would use the basic decanting RNDD fijate maintained that the fire wall more dizzying, wore national servers and maintaining a device for generating signal perennial. That way ensures send data to the primary governmental specific. The idea was already clear that the recipient indiscriminate fijate then channelled according to data characteristic of accelerating, even more, the average estimate of the EDCH.

The wave was expected to impact, without contemplation, in about 25 years more virtual. The colossus of the north no longer expect more to attach to its two neighbors and thus build up a GDP unbeatable and thus make the currency harder than the universe, Century 21, known. The more voices hidden indicated that when it comes to having secured supply of natural hydrocarbon heart of raises, the new territory would begin to announce their single currency: Amer.

By understanding what, 17M knew that the only way to advance the effectiveness of internal currency CH1, was an unparalleled development and unattainable and therefore was given the instruction to the lines connecting the EDCH is Blind exaggeratedly and warehouses of databases to obtain the best performance. All other productions would become a state of maximum speculation and nothing would be stable for any state supremacy, especially in a nation destined for export, with high levels of corruption (public and private) and the currency weakened by the Iluminati, which was already in decline frank torrent circulating worldwide.

As had already been observed by 17M, is copied facet of the Edge Funds, to give stability to the EDCH. As a first priority would be investment and farms devastated by more individualism. It could ensure more extreme border regarding the powers that are more vertiginous attached to capitalize and invest, trade unions located in the internal CH1 domain.

The recommendation made by the group of the MMM 17M (mass media manipulation) was: abate the process of internal disorder and adjust communications to guide behavior more consistent, so that they could make observations with the lowest rank of distortion and thus give the indicators point to the EDCH not suffer from much information troubling for algorithms and programming channel.

In addition, 17M not stopped escudriñar the conclusions of a group dedicated to unveil a new book, revealing the facets of unfathomable universe and dogmatic practices that flow from his comments on the World Wide Web. Upon learning that the book already indicated situations point in the cosmos for more than 50 years and science was recently reconsidering as astral secularization.


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