sábado, agosto 30, 2008

300 X 3

This weekend we devote to unravel the power of 300.

Conceived after doing some calculations and get carried away by the holistic total, which are 300, the cement needed to achieve a full turnaround from what we have been processed.

We have been in discussions to dominate our consciousness first 300, but it is a task that still believe far to be dominated and implementation at will. However, it is pertinent to this extent before anyone around the globe on the web.

He was telling us forget that:

The challenge is: Add an organization that is paradigm today, the prevailing model. Challenging any organisation to build bridges or gangways between the various models of apprehending reality and work to build a new prototype achieve more holistic, within the business model of each industry, in its digital version.




In times of version 3.0 of virtuality, for changing nature of this stage and reinforcing the immeasurable users: The individual, as well as the various stakeholders in the networks, all entities are real, a system their host, collects and distributes various circumstances in a virtual context hoist; known by all as the Internet.

In these times as we want, feels and knows the network of networks, introducing countless activities that do manage to start all wills, senses and knowledge. Being required to address these pillars to concentrate power of the oscillating movement of all of us in a virtual, digital and symbolic.

Our ontology did not want to explain networking through forms, ignoring life, as we find problems we will be impossible to resolve. In addition, our ideas and logic require not explain everything ignoring any form, as it warned us that we will find ourselves with thick walls, impossible to transpose.

In the future, virtual flowers cosmopolitan, never see the root of which have grown by more than his entire life will be left without her and that she could never have existed. Therefore, we will help the knowledge of tomorrow, given that in its early stages of their conscience digitized, can be subject to an improper administration.

We do not know the same things that are articulated in the network of networks, but the fact that she, WEB, produced in our consciousness, not virtuality, but the images that were created at screens, is what our minds receives. Indicators, it (the virtuality), we must keep a tight study of its expansion, in order to understand its nature thinking, becoming necessary to see clearly the illusory side to transcend what we agreed.

Networks of conscience.

The will, feeling and thinking are similar in nature therefore dedicate ourselves, a time to reflect, as waves of whom thought and the light has passed the Internet: network of networks, web, etc.. Seeing the displays and think of them, has not been something more than the other. Being thus we have established and maintained the chain of knowledgeable, and know what cognitive in fijate.cl

We are told that the bodies are seven major mental digital basic types (software, hardware, networks, users, makers, Forks, Domains) each of which includes forms in all their levels of development and all evolve and operate under the same laws (WEB). The understanding and applying these laws is to change the slow evolution of nature, the rapid growth made by the intelligence that was determined as advanced. Hence the effort by ij fixed and it is necessary to unveil his study, understanding and handling.

The studies, and therefore knowledge should be determined not to miss fast for one day more, which is not observed 300 seconds and 900 seconds engage with any interest in what is seen by computers. Without this observation, our idea of developments will continue to virtual abandonment formed with and without organization, and while not purchase a model educational, focused on the oscillating movement of virtuality-delivered by multiple examples in fijate.cl ij-power resistance the virtual domain, national, not exercise enough.


domingo, agosto 24, 2008

The Arrival

Among the stars of evangelization, near raises, the armies of Nebadón began his immersion in cubante prison. Guided by the in-formation from which emanated a share, while raised circles as a whole did show the in-formation. The anti-entered data would prompt more exalted in the torrent of humanity today, that would be prepared by the fixed-sion and that the delivery 7M, CH, after many eons w-raised in that region.

In conjunction, as occurred circles prepared by the Melk, while the journey towards currently esting thereof. Their bodies mutate and his mind is coupled with the wealth of ether incommunicado in cubante pri-sion.

-- "Vísenme when we are immersed in the four circles, there must put my armor and training for when you arrive Bell Light and bring ac-sion"

They began then onto ships and the fractional excelsa tripula thereof. 2 Supreme 7x2 and the legion. Bringing with it the elements to undermine the status-ter. The achieve was clear and forceful: "Let them know that advanced to the in-formation will be replaced, so that changes are occurring in societies designated. During the raid the pen-will last for the network antidatos contaminated and may work as long raises in G, which promises accept a renewed humanity. "

While the concentric circles are lined up in the stratosphere, and brightness. Anything announced that they had come and join the ether where G raises shared existence with humans. Do not last long awaiting the roar and felt around the globe. Thus began the long-awaited and promised returns of Migel Nebadón him which, at a time, became a fish-cators.


miércoles, agosto 20, 2008


We are ready to deliver a real guideline fijate.cl, as we walk toward the mercaespacio. The rudiments that seeks to find and, from that basis, we will build this innovation which deals with the transposition virtual very seriously.

sábado, agosto 09, 2008

The Arrival

"Prepare for suppression of displacement when we are coming to cubante raises of G. Send signal to the surface and indicate the 17M soon and we are conditional craft to keep everything collapsed around the area of life while we work.

Father mine will arrive soon to raise G and sentries and I have reported the movements of my brother and his hosts of subjugation. Millions of slaves are ready to fight and my forces are based in the favor granted to him that my new mission towards your children.

I will have constant communication with you and assess, with your biggest lighting, the time we need to address your assigns. Protect this campaign, which is undoubtedly why you are in their commands and impose your closest indication to continue doing its work in the remaining poses. "

In the hangars of the craft began to mutate the color and sounds convincing gave the signal for the start enlisting sites. Thousands and thousands of sliders appeared to be prepared and that could act with the utmost excellence in the atmosphere poses G. Those ships as crew members had to Melk and Sentinel as well as Terraced for coupling of the Custodians and strategies that sum were 17 per Melko and 17 more for each Sentinel.

Each slider plegador led to a curtain of containment and a soul-sen to catch the latest to be the first in this campaign. So everything was in line while the movement through space Serafico was already in its final stage. In those precise moments Miguel de Nebadón began presenting their stratagem, flooding all the spaces with his eloquence and releasing extreme acuity. This ensured that everyone had full knowledge of their parcels, procedures and assessments term.

It started then the transposition of the bodies, minds and vehicles into the physical environment, and very close to cubante 1.235.980.098,98:98. The entire entourage was scheduled so that when the flight logs were close to contemplate their numbers decrease in velocity, changed statements and Blind at the time of encounter raises G. Miguel had already entered into discussions with the field of life and they were committed to conditional while the hosts of working parents.

The greatest significance lay in the baffles that allow the alignment of curved space. In addition to delivering the portal sites to enter the atmosphere raises G, created an exclusion zone to settle the central command and location that would take Miguel, to coordinate their troops and keep at bay Light Bell.

The curtains would be used in the face of the earth for the containment of subjugation and slavery. It was established by Father: Miguel Luz come first and then you would. Then the curtains should be installed with "trance" to take sufficient time in the search and collection of recent raises throughout G. As the information that 17M should collect the data necessary to load the command of sliders and seekers of the Custodians and strategies.

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