domingo, agosto 24, 2008

The Arrival

Among the stars of evangelization, near raises, the armies of Nebadón began his immersion in cubante prison. Guided by the in-formation from which emanated a share, while raised circles as a whole did show the in-formation. The anti-entered data would prompt more exalted in the torrent of humanity today, that would be prepared by the fixed-sion and that the delivery 7M, CH, after many eons w-raised in that region.

In conjunction, as occurred circles prepared by the Melk, while the journey towards currently esting thereof. Their bodies mutate and his mind is coupled with the wealth of ether incommunicado in cubante pri-sion.

-- "Vísenme when we are immersed in the four circles, there must put my armor and training for when you arrive Bell Light and bring ac-sion"

They began then onto ships and the fractional excelsa tripula thereof. 2 Supreme 7x2 and the legion. Bringing with it the elements to undermine the status-ter. The achieve was clear and forceful: "Let them know that advanced to the in-formation will be replaced, so that changes are occurring in societies designated. During the raid the pen-will last for the network antidatos contaminated and may work as long raises in G, which promises accept a renewed humanity. "

While the concentric circles are lined up in the stratosphere, and brightness. Anything announced that they had come and join the ether where G raises shared existence with humans. Do not last long awaiting the roar and felt around the globe. Thus began the long-awaited and promised returns of Migel Nebadón him which, at a time, became a fish-cators.

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