domingo, julio 27, 2008


Caesar would begin to retreat with corporations of education in CH1. However, leave Keting commands occurrences in training public since he was given clear intention to maintain the MK-A (Marketing Arerodinámico) buoyant since the departure of RNDD within twelve designated colleges.

As departure and mediation, was appointed to join the corporation PM in the cradle of the Fatherland. The establishment in question, had shown signs of being a relevant candidate best to give coherence to decant accelerated Digital was expected to join from RNDD until units of the virtual SRMRM. Keting had already prepared their models of momentum and called for convening the first hosts schoolchildren who would be devoted to nurturing the pockets of virtual food.

The plan is delivered in one month digital, physical approximately 12 days.


Executive Summary:

Education at the moment is under the line of original balance, giving clear signals that the training has to keep renewing existing between the powers of the nation. Although the instruction of citizenship has been no concrete delivery rates dilation, why it has been determined considering making a change with the main tool with which the corporations will Dómine: The machine concentration and distribution (RNDD).

PM Dómine Corporation is an integrated primary and secondary pupils. The coverage is in both sexes in state homo-digital, via category Cordes and contemplating his sub-classification sapiens sapiens. All are catalogued and are provided with different capabilities and tendencies, depending on the type of humanity gathered to decant over digital networks of CH1.

Emphasis is placed on this activity because in previous expansion programmes and expansion of services, ij has been associated directly and indirectly with other items. Such is the case of journalists, sea-keting, in-and the average versions thereof.

The routine and the tendency to require sustained and / or deliver work, has succeeded in creating an empty space both in activity and in the minds of thousands of entrepreneurs CH1. In suppliers working for new services that did not happen, given that his invention is strong and its distance is incremental regarding those who remain in watertight consumption.

We corrected the order of vision, exists to this day. Using whole battery made by the MA (Marketing Aerodinámico) Strategies and Tactics will Foolish ordered by our illustrious Keting, professional techniques of social design and bellows for consumption (one stop of love). Coordinating the work for the 12 stations of digital primary evacuation, making the necessary links and maintain a sustained traffic with the institutionalization of the nation.

We shall create new symbols to categorize the performance of learners in RNDD to their academic obligations, giving breadth of the student observance finder, owner and terminator; presenting its work as task innovation and encourage the need for renewal of a 100% For every school year.

The identity of the Corporations Dómine will remain, making the necessary adjustments to have a consistency of change and development. This is expected to enter at the dawn of mercaespacio, with a new tool and a new, exclusive prototype of educating, with the consequent increase in the amount of education.



Since 1981, perhaps the vision of Corporations Dómine enclave in the commune in the Cradle of the Fatherland and the rest of the nation-a centre of educational supplies and services-has hovered over the head of the owners of education and, the obvious, the Father Politician is also due to have crossed this occurrence at the time. In just under three decades has been cementing an activity that, for many entrepreneurs would be, is and will be a unique and work with a high return on investment.

And also to look more in depth and understand that the customer demand service, although insecurity is evident in structural facilities Dómine, it becomes necessary to make substantial improvements to machinery, making evolve activity, add more runways to training and add a new category in the task. In the case of this work is service and leadership early indication of future administrators of web content.

Different endeavors to expand the turn of educational societies, resulting in that empowerment is not to diversification but, towards increasing innovative features in the process of bringing the individual to perform digital-isa-das. As such, the proposed renovation of the main machine that expels cones foundations and spreads connection to the network, also suggests that you can add control and direction

By having the possibility of a budget increase - given that the release of situations subject of the Ministry with its controllers and controlled in the short-term, direct environments machines will be corrected in order to prepare the poscionamiento of searches, of discernment it looked, compiled what is sought, completion and delivery of what are looking for: the task.

The purpose of using RNDD in Corporations Dómine, carries the idea:

Renew the task.

Add two new category of work.

Accelerating the process of delivering task.

Targeting the most demanding market, which will require the reality of hyperlinks between the various models of the work, to build their goods and services by applying the trend towards holistic total.


Given the inability of this page to withstand the images, indicated: dirigirse hacia In this direction you can appreciate the original THE CONCEPT RNDD.



Situation analysis:

We have not wanted to engage in any aspect that cover the deliberations or parliamentary government, to align public education and attractiveness of operators by it. On the contrary, we have the determination to get away long enough and not wonder who will play the role the hundreds Corporations Dómine, to guard the attorney general of the national training that is competition, indisputable, the ministry of education in Chile.

The digital economy demands new findings to formulate strategies and capture progress. The usual procedures of a wealth-based tenets Porterianos, begins to cede ground for vast networks (open or closed) configured to deliver work and development. In addition to the estrepitosa lowering costs, enhancing efficiency and automation processes.

That being the case and noting the everyday teaching proceed, we can not only express our utmost for the future of national knowledge: "The construction of centres for collection and distribution of connections to and from the network of networks is imminent, to keep to societies and economies of a future already happening to us. Enhancing the flow, specifying long-term pacts with suppliers and putting the focus on shielding the total network. "

This is directed towards the physical planning, where classes as dissimilar as military units would have to be being part of suppliers, together with experts in sound. However, this planning not surrender or develops such conclusions, given the length of that area. As such, we can also point out, the drivers of these centres, without any discussion, should be communications professionals abreast of the rapid searches for and loans to attend the world that it is up to what we called RNDD ( Digital Weak Nuclear Reactors)

In planning this, we have taken the design done by 2005, to concentrate and coordinate distribution of work flow, on the Internet, to different fields of primary and secondary education. Understanding that is a reality that must address any Dómine Corporations and the Ministry of Education must provide to those who are able to deploy and maintain.

Ignorance of an inexhaustible source, and also complex information must be enhanced. The minds that are developed must obtain a combination holistica well to devise their developments in that argument. As relevant here indicate that producers or producer of atmosphere, which will keep the sound RNDD, can only come from a higher socio-cultural level.

In this analysis of the situation, we wanted to deliver both general aspects such as struts, to form a schematic table to achieve understand where we aim. We do not intend to be straightforward and simple, since the issue is complex and complicated, becoming the most unstable economic environment for economies that do not move towards the positioning of the new trade order, which is located on the Web.

In conclusion, this planning initiative that seeks to unionize: not use the network to develop new parameters of education; change the concept of the task and boosting collection centres and stewardship of digital information, however much we condemn time to see more enterprises outside our border and remain subjugated by enterprises more agile and powerful. This is evidenced by RNDF (Digital Strong Nuclear Reactors), digital machines that determine after the torrent capitalist noted that accumulates in them.




Target Market:

Ready for De-finished.

Problems and Opportunities:



Goals and objectives:



Development Strategies:

Indicated by HSQO, CIO

Developing Tactics:

Indicated by CAEC, CEO

Implementation and Control:

Huestes policies based in Chile.


The development of commercial portals, transactional and advertising on the Internet, has given a timely indicator of where we are conducting business as a society. The global industries have misunderstood what is the means by which achieved accelerated and diversify their business; maintain an indisputable capacity expansion and not leave to get employees to administer its operations.

My society is inherently accelerated, as we walk to and consumption are not for it, since it is the engine of commerce. As such, I see no discussion here that the potential exists for new developments and indications of correction for the new benchmark to locate and identify the employee who can correct incidents in countless portals countless industries. This can be achieved if there is a system that contains classified and while inside corporations and their associated Dómine; caution by the competent Ministry.

I've seen as advancing the development of RNDF which are containing my society and whether they enhance the RNDD, giving it a real consistency to embed specific algorithms, may be determined (since several parameters: whether in global, national or a potential applicant) Individuals who are skilled in the management of web content.

My training is based Design and I specialized in Paging, I know the power that delivers a clear concept of Investment and Driving with my instruction, I already have a clear understanding of the capacity that lies in the personal communication, digital and participatory.

The RNDD must be present throughout the training process and give individual belonging to national digitized, regardless of guidelines and / or professional trend in the future or who are working in their subsequent consistency. Expectations of having individuals, keys, to place them in the future demands of industries renovated, innovative companies and countries with a digital agenda will set the bodies influence educators in providing services for mercaespacio.




domingo, julio 13, 2008


Cadore handed the foundations of a stratagem, without many elements to consider an enterprise. I knew that the minds bold and bizarre, identify and adopt the model without any fingimiento Digital Strategy that he wanted to deploy. However, there was a kind of advantage acquis which, when deployed, lethargy cohesion and thus disable any tactic to achieve the initiation of the 17M.

It took twelve of them 17 and drew the twelve regions, syndication a particular school and watching those training centres Tap: "Here are their credentials and their garments; paid to schools identified and begin to work from those RNDD. They will have powers to manage their devices clothing, administration, visualization and communication. The chair of Web content management must be embedded as early as possible and they will continue to develop the slope to students who demonstrate commitment, not well, uprooting. Evaluations are determined by the IJ model, so the rules are about quality, being always benefited the trend and inclination.

Each will be able to install 10 transmission devices and decanting, remote, towards our RNDD in the tabernacle of the Cradle of the Fatherland. Thus, when their concerns and questions were submitted, can access their remote counts. Considering always, tell all those involved, which are being monitored for him arme continuation of civility and responsible for mercaespacio.

All indications correction will be determined at the Cradle of the Fatherland.

It is transmitted from here to the Cabinet of training, pointing out all our movements to RNDD primary which will be located in the SRMRM. The work will be shown to be 10.5 years in developed network. That gap is seen as optimal time and if it overflows, the counting will be in decline, in contrast, are due to leave lapses of time, established to bring original acceleration of the corporation domination.

The work will be determined by both the skills and disabilities registered domestic and external emulations such as inability to be expressed and identified. Everything will be based in the in-formation, with the discovery and production of potential managers for the web content mercaespacio, our stamp of professional and industrial work.

The facilities, to work and prepare the path of social being of tomorrow, are necessary and therefore have designed the RNDD. The consequences are devastating for avizoran lethargic and inefficient industries, the arrival of incidences administrative virtual condition that the operations will be handled by outside, beyond the domain on. Cl. Condition not condice to advance and take a favourable position when the mercaespacio fully bull.

The company has shown concrete CH1 and without appeal trend and inclination towards RNDF, that we succeed in our daily virtuality. The propensity to communications and technology-naming-some judgement in any industrial development of any kind, there should be a department devoted to the classification, evaluation, administration and termination of the load-site to occur . We estimate that as we go, there to provoke effects of trade.

martes, julio 01, 2008


The Caesar, then ordered a deployment RNDD in the tabernacle of the cradle of homeland CH1. Until that time, had not shown signs of concern and its guidelines, to the instructions of the advance team, had not been erratic. However, the progress of RNDF around the world no longer had time to begin to deploy resistance and containment.

The Caesar was agreed that the structure of dogmatic Cadore had a stake and therefore agreed to settle its central command in the Temple of the Cradle of the Fatherland. The symbolism was key and ensure that the physical facilities not suffer furtive attacks, was a maxim that had to be planned and conditioned, indisputably.

The designs of RNDD were designed to keep impertérritos before time and space. In need of delineation military, the vanguard inventive apocalyptic should be, essentially the sketches of facilities: settlements semi-underground, concrete and kevlar for their needs walls and windows; teams autonomous air, heating and energy; digital units processing, storage and management; interconnection total optical fiber and suitable for the new generation and transmission equipment splice secure, powerful and strong to the network of networks.

The structure Dogmatic well understood why he was left to be among the Counsel for the RNDD. He understood that the benefactor was being carried by the more powerful a stream that everything known so far in human experience. It was necessary to safeguard a part of human consciousness digital towards the Creator; replacing indeterminable, abstract and terrestrial Lord. Given the universal understanding and study of these men of faith, the invitation was part of the same belief.

Critor not delayed over the plan and found the place. Identifying the settlement began to arrive, at the time, the military engineers, with machinery and materials. Thus began to write the true advancement of the continuing developments within the small town of CH1. Being finished the first RNDD to guard units in the dogmatic was impossible for an eventual force of Imperial involution or extremist attack. It was only expected to start operating the reactor and decanting departure.

In such moments, one of the 17M asked Critor, what is our strength basa to determine the course of this nation? How we can be sure that we were wrong? Will this be the royal road to rescue the CH1 eternal flgelo? She stopped for a moment, the desire of the distinguished leader and told him his cofrade functions:

"In 1993 eclosionó a new society, but what we see is not so noticeable as by the very fact that a whole develops in the network of networks. Companies interconnected markets traveling at the speed of light and now virtual machines that seduce the human favors for them in satisfying the appetite and end-perfectly legal, by the way-new ventures that now handle the capital. We are in an era of rhythms, everything is a comparsa and she has come to virtuality. Something is embedded in the Rhythm and it was merged. Now, the algorithms are the key and they depend on the experience, and if do not condition our own networks soon, we'll be behind a product that loses value to both pace overwhelming "

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