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The Caesar, then ordered a deployment RNDD in the tabernacle of the cradle of homeland CH1. Until that time, had not shown signs of concern and its guidelines, to the instructions of the advance team, had not been erratic. However, the progress of RNDF around the world no longer had time to begin to deploy resistance and containment.

The Caesar was agreed that the structure of dogmatic Cadore had a stake and therefore agreed to settle its central command in the Temple of the Cradle of the Fatherland. The symbolism was key and ensure that the physical facilities not suffer furtive attacks, was a maxim that had to be planned and conditioned, indisputably.

The designs of RNDD were designed to keep impertérritos before time and space. In need of delineation military, the vanguard inventive apocalyptic should be, essentially the sketches of facilities: settlements semi-underground, concrete and kevlar for their needs walls and windows; teams autonomous air, heating and energy; digital units processing, storage and management; interconnection total optical fiber and suitable for the new generation and transmission equipment splice secure, powerful and strong to the network of networks.

The structure Dogmatic well understood why he was left to be among the Counsel for the RNDD. He understood that the benefactor was being carried by the more powerful a stream that everything known so far in human experience. It was necessary to safeguard a part of human consciousness digital towards the Creator; replacing indeterminable, abstract and terrestrial Lord. Given the universal understanding and study of these men of faith, the invitation was part of the same belief.

Critor not delayed over the plan and found the place. Identifying the settlement began to arrive, at the time, the military engineers, with machinery and materials. Thus began to write the true advancement of the continuing developments within the small town of CH1. Being finished the first RNDD to guard units in the dogmatic was impossible for an eventual force of Imperial involution or extremist attack. It was only expected to start operating the reactor and decanting departure.

In such moments, one of the 17M asked Critor, what is our strength basa to determine the course of this nation? How we can be sure that we were wrong? Will this be the royal road to rescue the CH1 eternal flgelo? She stopped for a moment, the desire of the distinguished leader and told him his cofrade functions:

"In 1993 eclosionó a new society, but what we see is not so noticeable as by the very fact that a whole develops in the network of networks. Companies interconnected markets traveling at the speed of light and now virtual machines that seduce the human favors for them in satisfying the appetite and end-perfectly legal, by the way-new ventures that now handle the capital. We are in an era of rhythms, everything is a comparsa and she has come to virtuality. Something is embedded in the Rhythm and it was merged. Now, the algorithms are the key and they depend on the experience, and if do not condition our own networks soon, we'll be behind a product that loses value to both pace overwhelming "

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