viernes, mayo 16, 2008


While poses severe G gave indications to the initiatives of Zionist expansionism, 17M and contemplated change in the politosfera distributions. The date was announced, and from that very moment, speeches changed. In addition, it was very prominent in the month course given that all events adjustment was pronounced both in administrative activity as in instances of private production.

Of course, the fifth month of this year, meant a new condition which announced to the world and 17M should reshape their movements; seal commitments to compress and accelerate the rails trance. CH1 needed a battery of compelling new elements for EDCH, becoming urgent intervention at one point the entire network observed.

With everything that happened to him and raises 17M ordering their new scenarios. Enquist node in the RNDF of virtual newspapers. com and eradicated within the domains. cl was heading to one of expectant spaces: GEO VA.

Critor to see an indication of RNDD, learns of Intelligent Design and putting them into discussion. The irreducible complexity had been raised, to 28 years network, and the concept of creationism got a bastion of struggle to ensure adherence to a hypothetical Creator. However, 17M understood that the signal had already been given and is preparing to close ranks under the eaves of those who took the grace of their edicts: ij.

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