sábado, enero 10, 2009


To follow(continue) the Creator is one of the most futile companies that the individual could tackle. Nevertheless, in order that in some moment one could have the honor of being near him(it) and of observing his(her,your) magnificence, there is the idea of giving qualitative and quantitative jumps to reach part(report) of his(her,your) great coherence, on the existence having made ourselves.

The today world is a gigantic and immeasurable manufacture of rigid and ethereal structures that intermingle to give us an everything of why of the life. Designs, models and you form(train) they us come driving and they us will guide while the planet turn.

Habemos who, for our nature and conscience, we do not manage to fit in the molds. We fight against the established and prefer supporting a firm idea opposite to the overwhelming(crushing) current of the world. Being that attitude the one that grants a new perspective, so commendably as her(it) of being in harmony with the rest of instances(authorities) that develop to the unison.

What will be that one? A very clear response in our conscience is: to meet the weakness, fragility and sensitivity of what is around and inside us themselves. Probably, on having had conscience of that one we can give response to one without end(purpose) of stumbles and raise that, on having had this great ethereal quality called FAITH, we manage to obtain capacities that, of no other form, are revealed in the individuals.

Both the concepts of the sentimental manifestations of the human being, and the royal(real) instances(authorities) that outline the conscience, are provoked in this world. Between(among) the individuals and his(her,your) ways of coexisting, there flow of a spring - without end(purpose) - so many notions of the happened, current and future events that: only we still have to arm with a great device that of account(bill) of our worry(restlessness) and it(he,she) makes us prevail.

In these times where the dogmatic, ideological, political, territorial, economic conflicts overturn in warlike manifestations and the human being gives punishment for drink to himself making disappear to his(her,your) homonym, we are constructing an enclave taken root in the bits; where that one has content in an ejemplificación and not in a physical expansion inherent in the atoms.

Fijate.cl: nuclear Reaction weak foxglove, in favor of supporting the balance of decantation with the world taken root in the atoms and the bits.

Héctor Samuel Quijada Olguín



P y CS



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