domingo, enero 04, 2009

Digital strategies To dominate Markets

In the sea of the networks(nets) the collision is becoming complex and fortuitous between(among) the virtual weak entities and the individuals who accede to the network(net), in search of answers to everything who does not stop increasing. While the virtual machines are perfected to satisfy more and more the demands(lawsuits) of the users; the devices of indication and attention to support control on the transposition of the atoms to the bits, support position and walk with digitized time (7X1).

It(He,She) is as well as one sees, while it(he,she) becomes detached of the year of the change 2008. Admitting in the whole informative range and elucubradora, new vigors for an economy that it(she) is ready to take position, which will be fed by the consumers n º 1 of this one it(he,she) raises and radiated towards all those who have chosen to follow(continue), to emulate them them and to reach them.

From other latitudes it is possible to see the phenomenon of an intense career(race) for reaching new levels of information and catching information before measured. The limits have been exceeded and our society is amazed while there are formed scenes(stages) that, constant, had warned, warned and praised.

Now, we can only continue with the task of concentrating on the most relevant punctualities for us and of forming virtuosities removed from the complex thing, provided that this one supports a level of alteration, not ideal, for the new mercantile scheme.

The innovation, excellence and merits it(he,she) has a new slogan in the economy of the tomorrow and this it is the imagination of the quite based one on atoms; evacuated and executed in the bits.






El mundo es traductor

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