viernes, octubre 31, 2008

The Arrival, Me-God

Since the proximity to the face of the earth, and you could see the huge site designed by the Central Command of the New-don Miguel. A structure that was sustained in the sky and then fought, reported and led the hosts of the kind that hit the reactor shutdown and again gave them the game.

The signal was clear when the endless hyperlinks is condecían and pointed to the constituency of some Finally, for those days. Individuals who, by the mere fact of having obtained the agenda in life, were eligible for soul-senates and their essences carried to the wetlands of the Hereafter.

Devices and light emitted from the command center was delivered logistics to capture those signs of life and make them guard for the big trip, which had the slogan: The game.

Immediately the control clocks of the kind were corrected and demonstrating how long the campaign will be granted. Ready to defend the Critores Cadore, while stalking the subjugated, very recently configured.

The curtains deflectoras departed for transport soul-sen is placed and could receive the encouragement, digitally identified, they should be referred for extraction.

The battle began and the struggles were not expected. Primers and ruthless attacks on the part of the gala were subjugated to their condition. While any kind applied techniques predefined order not to give third term to poor work by his brothers below. After assessing that the contest was uneven and was potentially risky for a bondadosoz <, came to a fight or Cador Critor and thus could lay down the uprising of probes that will carry the high-jidas.

Luz saw what was the technique to snatch their most desirable creatures and spared no resources to tackle the logistics that are already understood. Miguel made his own because this movement because it concerned the hands of Keting and all his drums. Opened fire against enemies, since the vast headquarters of the New who was born (CNN).

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